Anderson Dental Care - December 2018

HOW OUR TEAM MEMBERS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TRADITION? For many families all across the world, the best part of celebrating the holiday season is getting together with loved ones to take part in annual traditions that signal one important thing: Christmas is finally here! If you read the article on the cover of this newsletter, then you have a good idea of how Dr. Brooks and his family celebrate the holiday. Read below to check the rest of the team members’ favorite Christmas pastimes. KERRY “My favorite holiday tradition is when my family gets together on Christmas Day, and we all wear matching flannel pajamas, watch Christmas movies, and eat sweets from our stockings all day.” SYDNEY “Next year, I will be getting married, and one holiday tradition I hope to start as a new family would be some kind of service or giving back to families in need. I think it’s important to remember that the holidays can be a stressful time for a lot of people, and it would be nice to make a tradition that reflects the true meaning of the holiday season.” ALI “Although it’s a newer one, my favorite tradition is going to the tree farm with my husband and cutting down our tree. We then bring it home and decorate it together while listening to Christmas music.” KATIE “Every year, all of the women on my mom’s side of the family fly in from all over the country. We spend two days baking cookies and making candy while wearing matching aprons. We call it Cookie Day. At the end of the weekend, we meet up with all of the men in the family, exchange gifts, and play games. It’s the one weekend a year that we are all in the same house and get to spend time together.”


In some families, caroling is an annual event, while others stick to watching the characters sing at the end of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” If you want to make Christmas caroling part of your holiday traditions, we have some tips to help make your outing the best ever. PLAN EARLY Calendars fill up fast around the holidays, so if you want to include people outside of your household in your caroling party, send out invitations early. You don’t want your caroling gathering to be a bust because all your guests had other plans. HAVE SONGS PICKED OUT Will your caroling group perform classics like “Silent Night” or something silly like “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”? Get everyone on the same page, print out sheet music, and practice before the big night. DRESS FOR SUCCESS Some carolers wear matching scarves, while others go out in full Victorian-inspired costumes. Whatever dress code you decide on, dress for what the temperature will be after dark. You don’t want your caroling to get cut short because of frostbite. If you are caroling outdoors, add reflective tape and flashing lights to your clothing so your party can be seen by passing cars. DON’T MAKE EVERYONE SING One of your kids may be ready to rock around the Christmas tree, but what if another would rather get coal in their stocking than sing in public? That’s okay! Nonsingers can still participate in caroling by ringing silver bells or handing out candy canes at the door. BRING GIFTS Small goodies like bottles of cider, homemade Christmas cookies, or candy canes are always sure to spread holiday cheer. KEEP THE PARTY GOING! After a night of singing your heart out, everyone deserves a treat. When you get back home, enjoy some traditional wassail or hot chocolate. Warm up, enjoy leftover cookies, and spend time with your loved ones. It takes a little planning to pull off a great caroling party, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just try to have a good time. You don’t have to sound like a choir of angels to bring joy to the world.

PAIGE “On Christmas morning, my Mimi and grandpa come over to my parents’ house for breakfast and watch my brother and me open presents — even though we are in our 20s now! It’s my favorite part of celebrating the holiday season.”

LYDIA “The day after Thanksgiving, we immediately put up our tree and decorate it. We won’t take it down until after the new year starts. Otherwise, it’s bad luck!”

No matter what your favorite Christmas traditions are, we all hope that you are able to celebrate with your loved ones. From all of us here at Anderson Dental Care, merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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