Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

On the 3rd day of our Bhutanese adventure, I was the accident victim. This time, no

manic animal could be blamed for the mishap. It was my own loss of attention. We

climbed to the Tango Monastery outside Thimphu on a beautiful morning and all of us

felt terrific; Kay & I were over the jet lag and had acclimatized sufficiently to enjoy a hike

to 10,000 ft. plus. Dan was over the malaise he had brought from Tibet and ready for an

invigorating walk in the pine forests up to this home of the 12th incarnation of one of the

Bhutanese lamas. He is currently 15 years old and he did not give us an audience despite

our march to his home.

Monks were taking a holiday and we met many of them coming down the path towards

their town visit. Buddhist faithful families were climbing up with us to make sacrifices and

perform prayers at the monastery. The trails were busy and colorful with flowers and

beautiful red- orange monk robes, and many manifestations of the national costume

on the ladies and gentlemen carrying babies and tending youngsters. It was a wonderful

day and experience to be sharing with the Bhutanese people.

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