Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

He dreamed that a horse would appear who would carry him on the remainder of his

travels and he saw the horse’s head clearly in his dream. Tango means Horsehead in

Drongzah. The monastery has another claim to uniqueness as well. It has a rounded outer

wall to the main buildingThe windows are framed like the other such structures in the

country but that semi-circular wall is a singular piece of construction.The whole experience

of the climb and seeing the beautiful monastery had us all bubbling over with

enthusiasm as we descended in laughter and joy. Less than 50 feet from the bottom of the

trail where our van awaited us, I got to talking too enthusiastically, forgot about my

footing, and slipped on a very muddy patch in the path, twisting my ankle really badly.

I gimped my way to the van and Kay used more of her first aid materials to bind my

ankle, hoping to reduce the swelling that was sure to come. I took aspirin and kept the

hiking boot on, again with the hope that the swelling would be less. Then we drove on

into Thimphu for more sightseeing. I wish I could report that my inattention was no more

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