Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

close by a rancher. Each Bhutanese home, whether old or a just built apartment

dwelling, will have a room or portion of a room dedicated to a chapel where statues

are displayed, prayers are said, and offerings are made. Another curious discovery we

made was that each dwelling place, even those without indoor plumbing in the country,

have a little anteroom which is a latrine area—however, it is used only by lamas,

priests, monks, nuns, and other religious figures when they visit for the annual blessing of

the home or if they are summoned because someone is ill and needful of blessings and


Monasteries, temples and dzongs share these characteristics too so they add to the

organic appearance of the Bhutan architecture; all the buildings look as if they belong

here and nowhere else. The dzongs are structures unique to Bhutan and reflect the

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