Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

First, the youngest monks performed their dances to the accompaniment of the bells and

drums. They were charming in their intensity and determination to get the steps correct.

Occasionally, we could see one young fellow with an extra something in his performance, an

agility or grace beyond that of the others. Then teenagers emerged from the dormitory and

began their practice session. Of course, they were more polished than the children, but again

there was a discernible difference in talent and enthusiasm among the youngsters. At last,

the young adults were in the courtyard and then magic happened. They were swirling and

posturing and performing the most complicated foot and hand movements and positions.

Their faces were transformed with the joy of dancing and the fervor of their faith. The

dissonant musical accompaniment grew louder and more frenzied but the young monks kept

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