Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

Archery contests occur every day in some part of the country. The “natural bows” and

the “composition bows” are not used together in these contests however. The most

amazing things about archery here in Bhutan are the diminutive size of the targets (about

1-foot square) and the distance between the shooting line and the target (from 100 to 150

yards)! A bulls-eye scores 3 points, hitting the target at all earns 2, and closest ground

shot to the target gets 1 point. The teams and the spectators interact with much cheering

and dancing when good shots are produced. There is always a scoreboard alongside

the archery field to indicate how the shooting is progressing. We were

thunderstruck at the confidence teammates exhibit when one of their number is shooting

They stand right next to the target until the very last moment before the arrow arrives,

only then leaping away. And remember, these archers are shooting at tiny targets ever

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