Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

bamboo forest—no black-necked cranes however. We were too early to see them arrive

since they usually come in December. However, the fox was a wonderful substitute. He

looked just like our own red foxes.

The dwarf bamboo however was another surprise! A “forest” of this type of bamboo looks

like a tea or coffee plantation. The grasses are very short and grow quite densely so

that it is impossible to see the ground beneath the canopy. The tufts of leaves are small,

rounded and widely separated on the stalk. An odd looking bamboo to be sure

The antic Tarai gray langurs also made an appearance for us, along a roadside sitting on

guardrails. However, as soon as we slammed to a stop for closer observation, they leapt into

the trees that march down the steep mountainside. With our binoculars and long lenses

we could view them easily anyway. They have completely black faces surrounded by a

luxurious white ruff that makes them appear to be wearing large lacy collars, like the

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