Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007


The retention of and emphasis on the national costume is certainly one of the strands in

the fabric of Bhutanese society that strengthens its amazing homogeneity. The man’s “goh”

is a one-piece, short-skirted, rather kilt-like, outfit that also features long sleeves with

very wide (usually white) cuffs. Fabrics are seasonal with lighter materials being used in

summer and heavier wool cloth used in winter. But, whatever the season, the men

favor bright colors, plaids and stripes though gray and navy blue are often seen as well.

The goh is fashioned from a single strip of cloth and is wrapped around the body,

similar to the wrapping Indian women employ in securing their saris. The outfit is held in

place by means of cloth belts of different designs but always wrapped very tightly around

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