Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

the waist to prevent unfolding of the garment. The ensemble is completed with long knee

socks and shoes, usually a loafer-type in black or brown. The patterns on the socks usually

have no correspondence with the colors of the goh’s fabric. The men, young and old, slim

and a bit thicker, all look very well turned out in these uniforms. (In reality, we saw no

overweight people in Bhutan and no really skinny ones either). Older men are usually

heavier than young ones, but they have not run to obesity.

The “kira” is the dress of the women and it too is a garment made of one piece that

is wrapped around the body and held in place by a belt. Two large brooches, usually

gold in color, hold the shoulder sections in place. The biggest difference is that this garment

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