Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

escape the hard labor of agriculture and livestock tending. They are always seen in the

fields alongside their husbands and sons. They control the family finances, but also

must take care of the household and the children. So they are very hardworking indeed.

Not too different from how many Western women see their roles—jobs outside the home,

but also total responsibility for the household and the rearing of the children


The most lucrative resource the country boasts is its plethora of rivers thundering down

the mountainsides creating hydroelectric power which can be sold, principally to India.

More power plants are under construction for this source of hard currency, even though the

majority of country people in Bhutan still have no electricity in their homes. Timber,

gypsum, and calcium carbonate are other recognized natural resources with commercial

value as export items. Logging is strictly controlled as mentioned before. Mining also is

conducted under governmental regulations and preservation of the natural environment

is stressed in mining operations.

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