Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007


The major cities all have paved roads, but most are very narrow. There is only one east-

west highway in the country and it crawls over three high mountain passes. There are

two lanes only, often potholed and fringed at the edges. However, this road is still

much more well- maintained than most of the Indian roads we have traveled. The road

travels high on hillsides and mountain shoulders above the major valleys of the country.

The forests are pristine and thick, having never been logged, on both sides. There are

countless glorious waterfalls tumbling and crashing their way down the hillsides, and we

stopped for pictures of every one of them because Micki is a great appreciator of these

dramatic water shows. Prayer wheels are turned constantly by many of the little side

streamlets these cataracts create. There is absolutely no pollution in the entire country and

the skies are cerulean with the most amazing cloud formations any of us had ever

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