Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

seen.Many Tata trucks from India joined us on the highway, but most of the drivers were

courteous to each other and seemed to follow the “local rules of the road.” Of

course, even the Bhutanese produce an occasional “drugstore cowboy” or maybe it’s the

Indian drivers who sometimes drive a bit recklessly. As the highway ascends towards a

pass, the prayer flag “forests” begin to sprout with their long narrow fluttering white

banners reaching high into the sky. Then stupas and chortens, memorial cairns and

structures to saints, lamas, past leaders, and holy men are seen through the thick forest

underbrush. At the top of the pass, the prayer flags are strung completely across the

roads and around the open areas. These are the pennant type of flag and they sport

many different colors. Their crisscross patterns look like enormous “cat’s cradle” puzzles.

But they flash and flicker gaily under the bright blue skies. For 99% of the travel time, we

felt safe on this highway because of our excellent driver and because of the courtesy of

the others on the roads.

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