Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

looked like a small, ridged and twisted green squash, but was a bit denser than summer

squash and less dense than acorn squash. It had a stronger flavor than most squashes

and was usually served with a cheesy sauce. The Bhutanese want their food hot and cheese-


The beautiful emerald green of rice fields and the brilliant yellow of mustard blooming in

the sunshine made the farms glow with life and beauty. All the farms appeared to be

prosperous and neat. Of course, we saw only the farms in the big valleys bordered by

the East-West Highway and have no idea if farms over the hills and deeper into the

mountains are as large and bountiful. Since one of the 4 goals of the BNH quotient is a

sustainable and growing socioeconomic climate, we can hope that even more remote farms

support the people well.

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