Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007


The most dramatic feature of Bhutan is often invisible—the high snow-capped

Himalayas playing hide and seek with the eyes as they retreat behind the clouds of their

own devising. When we drove west over the lofty passes, we were always aware that just

beyond the visible horizon were the soaring peaks, but we never really saw them.

However, the Thunder Dragons were more generous to us as we returned back to the

east of the country.

At the highest of the passes, the thick, cottony white clouds began to disperse even

though there were flimsy gray shawl-like wisps still grazing the mountain faces. As we

excitedly watched, the clouds lifted, the gray wisps evaporated, and there were the towering

tallest mountains in Bhutan, shining brilliantly in the sunshine against the purest

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