Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

blue skies. We were all captivated and the camera clicks never stopped until, like a

concluding drama, the curtain of clouds dropped back over the craggy, snow-covered faces

and ended the show. Everest, in all its majesty, we had seen on flying into Paro and would

see it again as we left the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

But seeing it from the air is distinctly different from seeing the high Himalayan

Mountains from the ground. Looking out from the passes, these mountains appear

as monstrous earth-born eruptions of living stone, rooted clearly in the ground of our

planet. Everest seemed to float above the earth on a frothy sea from the airplane. Of

course, even with the cloud cover lifted, the mountains we saw from the pass did not

include Everest which was too far to the east to be seen from where we visited.

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