Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007

are even paid a bounty when they bring a dog in for its inoculation. However, the dogs

show no gratitude for this general concern; they bark and howl all through the night

in solos, duets, trios and even whole choruses of sound. How the city folk sleep through

those concerts we are not sure, but surely they do get used to the disturbance. We were

not in the cities long enough for that adjustment to happen for us.


The Bhutanese are a courteous and considerate people to one another as well as to

Western tourists (though that politesse doesn’t seem to extend to the Indian road

workers). In the shops, clerks respond with quiet attention to the needs of their

customers. They do laugh easily with one another but never boisterously. They are

not overly outgoing as are Americans and Australians, but they do respond to friendly

contact. They definitely exhibit that nebulous quality called happiness as their beloved

king has so eagerly wanted them to feel. Though it is not possible to “get to know” folks

from another culture on a 10-day visit, even when they are English speaking, we all felt

that we could see enough evidence of a contented society to give kudos to the king!

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