Bowled Over by Bhutan - 2007


During this marathon visit to Bhutan & Southeast Asia, we were in Bangkok four

times altogether because it is the gateway city for flights to all the countries where we

traveled. BKK (as the airlines identify it) is an architecturally marvelous city. It is very large

and spread out and we cannot pretend to have explored its many wonders. But we did

enjoy times we spent there which was always the case as we spent only one night at a

time. Anyway, thanks to Micki and Dan, we stayed at two really splendid hotels—world

famous ones actually. They promised we wouldn’t regret the extra cost and they were

absolutely correct. The Peninsula Hotel and the Oriental Hotel were simply stunning,

luxurious, beautiful inside and out, and they sat on opposite banks of the river that runs

through the city. The city is a blaze of lights at night and the river traffic with its lighted

boats and junks carries through that theme. From our balconies in both hotels, we could

look out on a magical scene with such an exciting artificial “aurora borealis” emblazoning

the skies over our heads and across the river!

Dinner outside on the banks of the river was also really enjoyable. The Peninsula,

in particular, had an interesting menu and really delicious food. The breezes were soft

and sweetly scented. The skies were clear and deep and the river traffic was fascinating to

watch as little boats tacked their way back and forth across the water ferrying hotel patrons

from one place to another.

On our last entry into BKK, Kay and I booked a city tour that gave us a look at the

floating neighborhoods and at the magnificent royal palace grounds. The neighborhoods in

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