MVC Student Research Symposium Spring 2021

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● Masks and social distancing required for all ● Limited room capacities, first-come, first-served seating ● Presenters may order advanced tickets for two off-campus guests

● Off-campus guests must present tickets at the Registration Table, are subject to a sign/symptom check upon arrival, and will remain within Malcolm Center or the Eckilson-Mabee Theatre Symposium Registration Lobby, Malcolm Center for Student Life 7:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Welcome and Opening Remarks Bacon B 8:30 A.M. Dr. Diane Bartholomew, Vice President of Academic Affairs Presentations 9:00-9:50 Session 1A: Food and Culture - Multi-purpose Room Addie Mejia, “Honey Bees: The Wrong Bees” Shanelle Tolley, “More than Meats the Eye: How Much is Too Much?” Kyle Fitzgerald, Cameron Duke, Gavin Orman, and Jared Zarate, “McDonalds Home and Host Markets” Lauryn Craine, “Murakami and Tasty Things to Examine” (session chair) Judges: Claire Schmidt, Margot Mirabal, Nicholas Hartley Session 1B: Darkness, Dreaming, and Overcoming - South Side of Bacon Room Chloe Garzon, “Impaired Language Development and Delinquency” Lachlan Harlan, "How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dark" Sarah Spiers, “The Interpretation of Dreams from Different Cultures Throughout History” (session chair) Judges: Tamika Drake, Chris Libby, Ana Plaza 10:00-10:50 Session 2A: Trauma - Multi-purpose Room Raven Baughman, “The Different Actions and Feelings from the Soldiers and Decision-Makers Through The Vietnam War” Daniel Ripley, “Analyzing Contemporary Trauma Through Traditional Folklore in Tana French’s In The Woods” (session chair) Judges: Crystal Kimberling, Dajah Robinson, Vincent Fedorowich

Session 2B: Impacts of COVID-19 - South Side of Bacon Room Yarden Silberman, “The Effect of COVID-19 on Athletes' Motivation Levels” Wendell Chesney, “Loneliness and Depression in College Students” Shanelle Tolley, “COVID-19 & the Effects of Single Use Plastic Waste Pollution at Missouri Valley College” Kali Christman, “The Relationship Between Stress and COVID-19 and Its Effect on Nurses” (session chair) Judges: Erich Mueller, Sarah Gray, Elena Cook Session 2C: Nourishing Your Neighbor: Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s Food Recovery Project - North Side of Bacon Room Stephen Sims (session chair) and Josh Leon, “Part I: Food Insecurity” Savannah Land, “Part II: Policy & Procedures of Food Recovery” Josh Leon, Stephen Sims, and Aaron Longley, “Part III: Data Analysis, Metrics, and What Comes Next” Judges: Nick Petrov, Ana Plaza, Gary Heisserer 11:00-11:50 Session 3A: Young Adults in the World - Multi-purpose Room Helena Talbot, “Young Women in Márquez and Murakami” Brittany Rieves, “Negation” Joao Bonanoni, “An Unaware Self-Centered Society: A Student's Response to David Foster Wallace's "This is Water" (session chair) Judges: Tracey Hartley, Nick Petrov, Tammy Gibson Session 3B: Art at Work - South Side of Bacon Room Makenzie Lake, Jocelin Linares, and Francisco Camacho, “Universal Health Care and Activist Art” Kyle Fitzgerald, “The Marketing Program here at Missouri Valley College” Sofia Hansert (session chair) and Kylee Hodgson, “The Disability Arts Movement” Judges: Jim McCrary, Lisa Rice, Terry Wright 1:00-1:50 Session 4A: Society - Multi-purpose Room Tyesha Rhodes, “The Use of “Whore” and “Prostitute” in Gabriel García Márquez and Haruki Murakami Novels” Madison Vogelsmeier and Jake Hofer, “Integration of Marketing and Graphic Design in Today’s Society”

Lauryn Daxon, “What Society Needs?” (session chair) Judges: Gary Heisserer, Janie Morgan, Peggy Sherman

1:00-4:00 Session 4B: MACC Capstone - South Side of Bacon Room Part 1 (1:00-2:30):

Payton Purcell, “Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Client with Borderline Personality Disorder” Danielle Riley, “Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Generalized Anxiety Disorder” Allison Weekly Griffin, "The Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder with Dialectical Behavior Therapy" Judges: Chris Libby, Nick Petrov, Lisa Rice Part 2 (2:30-4:00): Josh Olson, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Anger and Aggression” Joseph Straznicky, “What Happened to You?: The Use of Rap Music Therapy with Patients with Trauma, Oppositional Defiant and Mood Dysregulation” Ariel Smith, “Using CBT and Exposure Therapy to Decrease Anxiety in Adolescents” Judges: Léa Filali, Lee Jones, Dajah Robinson 2:00-2:50 Session 5A: Gender & Psychology - Multi-purpose Room Kevion Long, “Gabriel García Márquez’s Magical Realism: Masculinity vs Femininity” On Yuen Got, “Intimate Relationships in Kafka on the Shore ” Dusan Milosevic, “Psychology of One of the Best Soccer Clubs in Europe: Manchester City” (session chair) Judges: Chris Libby, Shanelle Tolley, Tracey Hartley 3:00-3:50 Session 6A: Development and Change - Multi-purpose Room Evan Baker, “Damming and Dredging Effects on Natural Riverways” Sarah Spiers, “The Blueprint for Society: How the Ancient Greeks have Impacted Mankind Today” Miguel Londono, “The Fear of Financial Instability in Our Generation” (session chair) Judges: Margot Mirabal, Bryan Carson, Nicholas Hartley Session 6B: Art at Work Part II - Eckilson Mabee Theatre Loanne Martino, Edgar Naen, Ana Paula Torresbaca, “Speak Up for your Rights” Sara Pruther Vasquez, “Experiment 77” Amaijah Ibrahim (choreographer, Session Chair), performed by Amber Newsom and Victoria Heglin, “The Calm After the Storm” Judges: Elena Cook, Patti Meyer, Ana Plaza

Poster Session & Visual Art :

Malcolm Center for Student Life Gymnasium Posters Displayed from 10:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. Staffed session from 12:00-2:00 P.M.

Ryan Albiani “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy” Anna Babiak “How Propaganda Causes Media Bias” Mariona Bolao “The Seeking, The Flourishing, The Blooming” Valentina Cardoso “Haruki Murakami & Gabriel García Márquez: An Analysis of Gender, Sex, and Violence” Tatiana Chillers “The Effects of Music on Problem Solving” Elena Cook “Food for Thought: Examining the Role of Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery” Aidan de Boer “The Effects of Cognitive Distraction on Working Memory” Cassandra Fuentes “View on Punishment for Criminals: The Appropriateness/Effectiveness of Punishment for Criminals” Chloe Garzon “How Perceptions of Attractiveness Play a Role in Behaviors” Mickey Hackman, Ismail Diyani “Poverty in India - AVisual Art Compilation” Demitria Heard “Impacts of Covid-19” Raul Hernandez “Marijuana and the Gateway Hypothesis” Jonathon Morris “Benefits of the Federal Government Legalizing Marijuana” Jocelin Linares “Stability in Parenting and Relationships: The Effects of Parenting on Romantic Relationship Choice” Simone Marcus “Soccer Pass IQ” Katie Montini, Conor Taylor, & Carlos Jimenez “The Environment as Art”* Reagan Otieno “Autonomous Coaching Produces Optimum Motivation in Athletes” Alyxus Parrish “Media in the Courtroom” Andrew Scharsch “The War on Drugs in America” Miyu Shito “A Correlational Study of Stress at Work and Employees’ Relationship with Their Supervisors” Kendall Smith “Do Body Worn Cameras Interfere with and Invade Personal Privacy?” Madison Vogelsmeier “A Letter for Yearning Shadows, and for the Shadows to Create Voices Left of the Unsaid” Lakiaha Wright “Linkage between Mental Illness and Criminal Activity” Karley Yesbeck “A Comforting Space” Poster Judges: Tiffany Bergman, Bryan Carson, Margot Mirabal

Closing Remarks and Awards Reception - Dr. Bonnie Humphry, President Bacon Conference Room, Malcolm Center for Student Life 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Writing Across the Curriculum Gruber Award

The Purple Patch Editor’s Choice Awards , Sigma Tau Delta

Excellence in Student Research Awards ● Best Poster

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Best Graduate Capstone Presentation


Albiani, Ryan- “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy” (poster session) This study looked into the medical term known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. In addition, the study looked at the correlation between social class, athletic equipment, awareness, and protocols. The researcher hypothesized that lower class athletes are more susceptible to sustaining a concussion which may lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy. A survey was handed out to the subject pool, and the researcher was able to collect 95 responses to the survey, which were all male participants. In order to find out the results of the 95 responses come check out my poster. Babiak, Anna- “How Propaganda Causes Media Bias” (poster session) Media bias is a phenomenon that has plagued our country’s perception of news by providing falsehoods as credible information. Propaganda is also relevant in today’s political climate due to its impact on persuading a reader or viewer’s insight on an issue. The goal of this project is to inform on media bias and propaganda as well as explain how propaganda can lead to media bias. I also wish to expose misinformation in credible news sources while reviving the public's trust in the media once again. My audience is targeted for young journalists entering the field. Baker, Evan- “Damming and Dredging Effects on Natural Riverways” ( session 6A) Damming riverways has been practiced for various reasons such as agricultural advances and hydroelectricity. While beneficial to humans, ecosystems are adversely impacted by these changes in rivers. One of the biggest concerns is a fish's ability to pass through the dams to their breeding grounds. Without this access, there is a possibility of extinction to several migratory fish. Struggling fish populations can be also attributed to natural systems being disrupted by human interference, such as the loss of macro and micro ecosystems because of the riverway alteration. Combating these problems starts with advocating against damming and dredging of natural waterways. Baughman, Raven- “The Different Actions and Feelings from the Soldiers and Decision-Makers Through The Vietnam War” (session 2A) The Vietnam War brought many issues to the air and showed the effect of war on the soldiers. While the war was going on, the views between the decision-makers and the soldiers were somewhat different. Soldiers did not want to be there, and many were there because of the draft. The decision-makers had a lot on their minds during this and had to learn how to plan a different game because of the Vietnamese. In this thesis, I will describe the effects and the thought of the war on soldiers and decision-makers; this will include the aftermath of the war. Bonanoni, Joao- “An Unaware Self-Centered Society, A Student's Response to David Foster Wallace's ‘This is Water’” (session 3A) The way that speeches have been presented to people has strong patterns and features with the goal to attract, influence, entertain and bring a

meaningful message. Sometimes speakers present speeches with connection devices that are not really effective or even boring data that just let the audience tired and disperse about the main goal. However, Daniel Foster Wallace, could bring a speech with those connection features and also with a strong impact on his main life message. “This is Water” is a speech that wakes the audience up with strong thoughts and the irrefutable truths of our lives. Cardoso, Valentina- “Haruki Murakami & Gabriel Garcia Marquez Analysis of Gender, Sex, and Violence” (poster session) Works of fiction such as Chronicle of a Death Foretold and After Dark are Colombian and Japanese depictions of gender, sex, and violence. My research aims to analyze Chronicle of a Death Foretold and After Dark and what factors contribute to the constant violence women experience and how gender and sex explain males being the main Perpetrators. This project literature review explores gender roles of males and females. I hypothesize that gender and sex are the reasons for male violence against the female population. According to Gebhard, Cattaneo, Tagney, Hargrove, & Shor, men commit most of the violence in the world. Chesney II, Wendell- “Loneliness and Depression in College Students” (session 2B) In this essay the subject of depression and loneliness will be talked about extensively throughout. For college students, especially freshmen entering an entirely new environment, it can be very overwhelming and difficult to find new friends and groups of people that you get along with. Getting lost in the rat race of college academia can leave some students without a proper support system. It is important to recognize that there are many students that need an extra boost of emotional and social support to succeed on a college campus. This paper is able to bring light to these shortcomings. Chillers, Tatiana- “The Effects of Music on Problem Solving” (poster session) The purpose of this study is to identify if participants are able to focus more on solving multiple problems more efficiently when music is presented than to participants that are not presented with music. In the study, there will be Group x (experimental) and Group y (control) will both be given a problem sheet that consists of insight problems that were used in Metcalf’s previous study along with mathematical equations. Group x will be exposed to music, while Group y will not be exposed to anything seeing if there is a significant relationship between music and participants’ performance and time. Christman, Kali- “The Relationship Between Stress and COVID-19 and Its Effect on Nurses” (session 2B) Stress is often overlooked and undermanaged. The healthcare system is very intense and high-demanding, which makes it easy to push stressors aside since it comes with the job. This project aims to discuss and compare the stresses of nurses before and after COVID-19 began to occur. This may help researchers gain a better understanding of how much

stress healthcare workers are under now and discuss coping mechanisms that are used so they do not have to sacrifice their health or experience burnout. Cook, Elena- “Food for Thought: Examining the Role of Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery” (poster session) Eating disorders are a common and serious mental health disorder, with a rising prevalence among athletes. Eating disorders can present severe and life threatening symptoms. Achieving a full recovery is vital to minimize chronic effects. Recovery is a long and challenging process that usually involves a break from normal athletic activities. Due to the high prevalence in athletes it is important to understand treatment protocols for athletes. Through research it has been determined that exercise can be implemented safely into treatment and can even be beneficial to treatment outcomes. Craine, Lauryn- “Murakami and Tasty Things to Examine” (session 1A) This research project analyzes the eating habits of the characters in the fiction by Haruki Murakami and the ways that this is used to forward the plot. My research question, “What do the characters eating habits in Murakami do for character development and plot advancement?”. I am doing this research because when authors have characters eating it is used in order to move the plot. I argue that food/eating habits reveal the social class between the characters that's hidden under the surface. Daxon, Lauryn- “What Society Needs?” (Session 4A) Russel Simons said, “Compassion is the ultimate expression of your highest self”. In understanding that the highest regard is oftentimes not just to oneself, but in the way we serve others. It is understanding that compassion is a catalyst where a new perception is released. This presentation asks, “What Society Needs?”. It creates a venture that through its movement only action can carry out its reaction. In this presentation, I will highlight how compassion spearheaded initiatives in Port au Prince, Haiti; Flint, Michigan; and The Bahamas. In unity we become effective in exertion not just conception. de Boer, Aidan- “The effects of cognitive distraction on working memory” (poster session) This topic of this study is how cognitive distraction affects working memory. Participants were asked to complete the task ‘tower of hanoi’. The tower of hanoi is a mathematical puzzle that tests the working memory of each participant. Participants were split into two groups. One group conducted the task with a distracting sound in the background, the second group conducted the task without noises. Participants were also asked to complete a survey once they were finished. The time it took for participants to complete the task as well as the number of errors each participant made was recorded. Fitzgerald, Kyle- “Mcdonalds Home and Host Markets” (session 1A) This presentation being conducted is based off a project that we are doing in Global Marketplace. It is a group

presentation that we have been working on all semester. We will discuss the home and host markets of Mcdonalds and why they are so successful in the fast food industry.

Fitzgerald, Kyle- “The Marketing Program here at Missouri Valley College” (session 3B) In this presentation I will be discussing the amazing marketing program that we have here at Missouri Valley College. I strongly believe that I would not have learned nearly as much anywhere else. Dr. Fuller has done so much for me along with many other students on this campus. I just want to show my gratitude for everything he has done for me by making the presentation over his remarkable program. Fuentes, Cassandra- “View on Punishment for Criminals: The appropriateness/Effectiveness of Punishment for Criminals” (poster session) When considering the concept of punishment and the different types of classifications of crimes in the criminal justice system, it is important to determine which forms of punishment are effective and appropriate to a human. This study examines views about the impact of different punishments on a person’s character when an individual commits an unlawful crime. The purpose of this study is to highlight punishments and views about their effectiveness based on the results from volunteers that participated in an online survey. This survey was sent to students all over the age of 18 from Missouri Valley College. Garzon, Chloe- “How Perceptions of Attractiveness Play a Role in Behaviors” (poster session) The purpose of this project was to examine if physical attractiveness had an influence on behavior, specifically if attractiveness can influence how people view others’ behavior, how people behave towards others, and the personality characteristics they associate with others. The participants were shown six pictures of males and females who were rated at different levels of attractiveness and they were asked a series of questions. The participants were asked to rate them based on attractiveness, if they believed they would donate to charity, if the participants would help them if they lost, if the individual looked friendly, etc. Garzon, Chloe- “Impaired Language Development and Delinquency” (session 1B) Delayed or impaired language development is often overlooked in vulnerable populations. Could this have an impact on future behaviors related to crime? The purpose of this literature review was to look into just how much of an influence impaired language development as a child could have on future delinquency. The factors that could contribute to it, such as bullying and early identification, and how it influences youth who have been in the juvenile justice system were all examined. It is important for this issue to be recognized in order to prevent potential criminal behaviors.

Hackman, Mickey and Ismail Diyani- “Poverty in India - AVisual Art Compilation” (poster session) Our research focuses on poverty in India with another focus related to artists

who contributed artwork to poverty. The purpose of this research is to inform people about the poverty rate in India and about artists who have dedicated their time to helping raise awareness of poverty. Research was conducted on artists who contributed their artwork to poverty. Willie Baronet completed an artwork called We Are All Homeless. And Caitlin Beidler founded Redemption Art. Inspired by our research, we decided to dedicate a small series of visual art pieces dedicated to poverty in India. Hansert, Sophia and Kylee Hodgson- “The Disability Arts Movement” (session 3B) An explanation of what is the Disability Arts Movement and how it has affected the disability community. The presentation will also include art created by both disabled arts and the students presenting. The art will be a breakdown of what the disability arts movement is and how the Disability Movement has impacted the lives of disabled people and disabled artists. Harlan, Lachlan- “How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dark” (session 1B) My project is a free verse poetry piece. It describes the feelings of loneliness and confusion, and has slight motivational aspects to try and give it a melancholic but hopeful vibe. There are subtle metaphors geared towards the "fear of the dark" representing the fear of the unknown. However, there is still a feel good triumphant ending, where the author becomes comfortable being in the dark and continues to drive forward. Heard, Dimitria- “Impacts of Covid-19” (poster session) The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the pandemic due to Covid-19 and the psychological well being of society. An online survey was conducted in Google forms with a total of 16 questions. The data was garnered from PY100 students at Missouri Valley College. It was hypothesized that 1.Social distancing and pandemic guidelines had a negative effect on society's mental health, 2. Social distancing is detrimental to society, 3. Isolation in relationships due to pandemic guidelines can cause friction in the relationship lastly 4. Society found it irresponsible not to follow social distancing guidelines. Hernandez, Raul- “Marijuana and the Gateway Hypothesis” (poster session) There’s a hypothesis that marijuana is a gateway to drug abuse for opioids or harder drugs. Scholarly studies are put in place to measure factors of how individuals initiated their use of opioid drugs, substance abuse in youth factors, and a relationship between cigarettes and marijuana use. Results for initiating drug use depended on factors such as being homeless or unemployed. For initiation in the youth, results concluded that many of them had tried tobacco and alcohol before doing harder drugs. Last results supported the reverse gateway hypothesis in which marijuana is a gateway to tobacco instead of opioid drug.

Ibrahim, Amaijah, Amber Newsom and Victoria Heglin- “The Calm after The Storm!” (session 6C) This piece started off as a combination that I choreographed when I was in a bad

place, mentally. I taught the combo to Amber and Tori and fell in love with how they looked from the combination and made it into a full dance. I often listen to the song to put my mind at ease. It has a calming feeling to it and watching these two amazing dancers make my vision come to life was all worth it, and frankly watching them dance to my choreography got me out of the funk that I was in. Morris, Johnathan “Benefits if the federal government legalize marijuana.” (poster session) My project is about if the United States legalized marijuana at the federal level. I researched the pros and cons of marijuana and it’s status on being legal or illegal. I talk about the health and physical effects of marijuana. I compare the effects and laws on marijuana to alcohol and how alcohol plays a role in our Society. Lake, Makenzie, Joclin Linares and Franscisco Camacho- “Universal Health Care and Activist Art” (session 3B) According to the US Census Bureau, in 2018, approximately 27.5 million Americans were uninsured and that number was at an upward trend in 2016 (Bureau, U. , 2019). Healthcare is a basic human right and universal healthcare is a sustainable option for the United States. This presentation will aim to demonstrate the need for universal healthcare that words simply cannot through a modern expression of visual art. Linares, Jocelin- “Stability in Parenting and Relationships: The Effects of Parenting on Romantic Relationship Choice.” (poster session) A study was conducted to analyze the relationship between childhood parental attachment and romantic relationships. Research shows that children’s parents or primary caregivers shape their development and influence their intimate relationships. Individuals who were securely attached to their parents during childhood are more likely to have secure romantic relationships. It’s hypothesized that these romantic relationships are based on the subconscious desire to go for partners similar to their opposite sex parent. The survey assessed attachment towards parental figures versus romantic partners. It also compared personality traits between the opposite sex parent and their current or past romantic relationships. Londono, Miguel- “The fear of financial instability in our generation” (session 6A) Most college students finish their respective undergraduate programs and feel unsure about their financial well being. The majority of new graduates entering the workforce understand the need for financial stability, but it is foreign and scary to them. The missing part for them is how to do that. The focus of this research project is to offer some guidelines, suggestions and options that you can pursue as you enter the workforce. The prospect of planning for one’s financial future can be overwhelming but the purpose of this presentation will try to break down those “fears” into comprehensible and useful concepts. Marcus, Simone- “Soccer Pass IQ” (poster session) The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate the lack of detail we entail in our day-to-day lives through the idea of inattentional

blindness. When we are told to pay attention to a certain task, we are unaware if we are focusing on all aspects of the task or our complete surroundings. Thus by conducting a visual research project, participants will have the opportunity to identify any changes or perceptions they see while watching a provided clip and answer questions that correlate to what they are watching. Particularly paying attention to college students, who assume that multitasking is “easy”. Martino, Loanne, Edgar Naen and Ana Paula Torresbaca- “Speak Up for your Rights” (session 6C) In the workplace, several challenges remain to achieve equality between men and women. To adapt to a male world, women had to develop behaviors that gender stereotypes have transformed into gendered qualities. Inspired by the play Collateral Bodies written by Erin Rachel Kaplan, our creative video project has the goal to make our audience aware that women are still discriminated against in the workplace. Three women who faced discrimination in the workplace shared their testimony in such a powerful way with us. We are thankful and proud of them for their frankness, and courage to contribute to our project. Mejia, Addie- “honeybee's, the wrong bees” (session 1A) The increasing public awareness has sparked the “save the bees” movement, while it stems from good intentions it masks the real problem, native bee decline. There are 4,000 species of Native bees in North America all of which are declining in population. Honey bees while great pollinators and producers of honey are not native bees. In my presentation I will address concerns with beekeeping and honey bee management, honey bee population and its effect on native bee population, and threats to native bees, and current efforts to prevent further population decline. Montini, Katie, Conor Taylor and Carlos Jiminez- “The Environment as Art” (poster session) We have created visual art pieces to describe common and significant issues in relation to the environment. This includes but is not limited to deforestation and fossil fuels and their relation to the overarching problem of climate change. Morris, Jonathan- “Would it be beneficial if the federal government legalize marijuana” (poster session) My project is about if the United States legalized marijuana at the federal level. I researched the pros and cons of marijuana and it’s status on being legal or illegal in different state in the United States. I talk about the health and physical effects of marijuana. I compare the effects and laws on marijuana to alcohol and how alcohol plays a role in our Society. I think marijuana would be a great medical tool for people who can't afford needed pharmaceuticals. I think it’s marijuana turn to be legalized. Olson, Josh- “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Anger and Aggression” (session 4B) The research being studied and examined is a client who is working on behaviors and actions dealing with anger, frustration, and aggression. The therapeutic approach being utilized with this client is cognitive behavioral therapy. The client's history, diagnoses, treatment plan, and benefits of

cognitive behavioral therapy will be discussed in this study. Research of cognitive behavior therapy will include theoretical models and mechanisms for change in the client. The research will include paradigms of the human mind and behavior that cognitive behavioral therapy has on clients. Personalized approaches of cognitive behavioral therapy are important for counselors to understand during treatment. Otieno, Regean- “Autonomous coaching produces optimum motivation in athletes” (poster session) For athletes to achieve optimal performance, there are a couple of factors that affect this. The most important factor is motivation. This is the inner driving force that drives athletes to work hard and participate in their respective sport everyday. This is influenced by a number of factors too. The main and most important that affects this is the coaching style used by coaching. During this research the investigator will evaluate the coaching styles exhibited by coaches through a survey to the athletes. Parrish, Alyxus- “Media in the Courtroom” (poster session) The research question this paper focuses on is, Does press access to criminal trials interfere with legal proceedings and verdict? This research will focus on the impact media outlets have in the courtroom. Not only with the prosecutor and the defendant but also the judge and jury as well. Looking at a variety of different cases in which the media did impact the court trial, will validate that the media has an impact in the lives of those in the courtroom. The research will determine whether or not the media should be allowed to have access to every court trial. Pruther Vazquez, Sara- “Experiment 77” (section 6C) Experiment 77" is an autodrama short film that shows us the personal journey of a girl through life by her own words in a series of interviews through time. We get to see the way society and experiences shape her personality and way of seeing life. What parts of her past have stuck with her? What has changed? But most importantly, who is she? Purcell, Payton- “Cognitive Behavior Therapy in client with Borderline Personality Disorder” (session 4B) Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a severe mental illness marked by patterns of instability with interpersonal relationships, affect, self-image, and dysregulation with behavior and has been shown to affect 2-6% of the general population. BPD’s biopsychosocial model states borderline personality disorder deals with one’s emotional regulation system; the means to regulate these emotions are shown through behaviors. In this capstone, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy integration is conducted with a client of BPT to help clients identify and change core beliefs and behaviors that underlie inaccurate perceptions of themselves/others, and help reduce suicidal ideations/self-harm. Rhodes, Tyesha- “The Use of “Whore” and “Prostitute” in Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Haruki Murakami Novels” (session 4A) The terms “whore” and “prostitute” have been used for years as job titles when referring to sex work. At some point these terms changed into insults

for women. In the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Haruki Murakami, the two male authors use these terms when referring to women frequently. Previous articles about the authors point out the mistreatment of female characters and discuss clear biases of women compared to their male counterparts in the books. The question is how whore and prostitute reinforce the negative connotations surrounding women in books One Hundred Years of Solitude and After Dark. Rieves, Brittany- “Negation” (session 3A) My novel titled Negation is a murder mystery that stems from research done while working on a project for another class. Negation is a retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story Berenice. My novel features LBGTQ+ themes as the protagonist Haylee and her roommate Addie navigate murder, love, and living modern life in their twenties. Riley, Danielle- “Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Generalized Anxiety Disorder” (session 4B) Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been considered the “Gold Standard” when it comes to treatment for anxiety disorders, along with many other mental health disorders. There is a lot of research that supports this statement along with statistics comparing anxiety/mood levels prior to treatment and post-treatment that show a reduction of symptoms and improvement in quality of life using this theory. This presentation will go through the research to determine why cognitive-behavioral therapy is so effective when it comes to anxiety disorders, as well as, the results of applying these techniques to a client who has generalized anxiety disorder. Ripley, Daniel- “Analyzing Contemporary Trauma Through Traditional Folklore in Tana French’s In The Woods” (session 2A) Tana Frenchs In The Woods (2007) features a protagonist encountering his traumatic past and myriad folkloric references. Scholars have focused on French’s use of folklore in a modern context, and other scholars have written on the symbolism of forests as a place for growth; so how, then, does French's novel use folkloric elements associated with the woods to express a trauma narrative, and how does the use of said elements affect the portrayal of the trope? This essay analyzes the modern use of folkloric traditions in In The Woods to portray a modern trauma narrative that represents contemporary cultural perceptions. Scharsch, Andrew- “The War on Drugs in America” (poster session) This Project is to see the view on drugs in America. This would pertain to what was seen in the law with Oregon decriminalizing drugs. Now this doesn’t mean that you don't get into trouble. There is a new approach that Oregon has taken many examples of law changes and policy changes from Portugal. They have had similar policies put into place for 20 years with positive results. Since this has finally come to the states is America Changing its views on drugs and how to fight this war better as America? Oregon has to be successful for change.

Shito, Miyu- “A Correlational Study of Stress at Work and Employees’ Relationship with Their Supervisors” (poster session) The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between employees’ stress levels at work and their relationships with supervisors. An online anonymous survey was conducted in Google Forms with a total of 37 questions. The data was gathered from PY100 students at Missouri Valley College. It was hypothesized that 1. The stronger the emotional connections employees have with their supervisors, 2. The longer time supervisors spend time with their employees, 3. When supervisors apply transformational leadership, and 4. When supervisors apply considerate leadership, the less likely employees experience stress at work. Silberman, Yarden- “The Effect of COVID on athletes' motivation levels” (session 2B) This study will serve as a follow up study to an earlier one conducted during the fall 2020 semester concerning the effects of the spring 2020 athletic season being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The original study dealt with whether spring athletes at MVC felt more or less motivated for the next season after having their 2020 season cancelled, as well as personal traits that may have influenced that notion. This study asked the same athletes who responded to the first study about their motivational levels towards their sports in the midst of the spring 2021 season, as well as examined whether the changes to their sports dictated by COVID-19 have had any impact on their motivation. Smith, Ariel- “Using CBT and exposure therapy to decrease anxiety in adolescents” (session 4B) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a common form of psychotherapy for clients with anxiety disorders. CBT addresses negative patterns and distortions in the way we look at the world and ourselves. Exposure therapy is a component of CBT which can be incorporated for clients who have fear and anxiety. In exposure therapy, clients are encouraged to face an object or situation that causes anxiety, which will ideally increase the client’s sense of control over the situation, and in turn, decrease anxiety. This presentation will provide details regarding CBT and exposure therapy, as well as, how it was applied to a client. Smith, Kendall- “Do Body Worn Cameras Interfere with and Invade Personal Privacy?” (session 4B) Body cameras are something that have become a more relevant and popular tool used with Law Enforcement. With them being used the question comes to mind, where is the line between interfering with privacy and what is acceptable. In this research paper, I will address the concerns that releasing body camera footage causes and how there should be limitations that regard public’s access to body camera footage. Furthermore I will address the research behind the surveys that 100 College students, that are 18+, have conducted and how their responses correlate with the usage of body camera footage and personal privacy.

Spiers, Sarah- “The Interpretation of Dreams from Different Cultures Throughout History” (session 1B) This thesis seeks to analyze how cultures from different eras examined

dream thought processes in their own way. The research focuses on the division between how each culture viewed the dream state through personal practices, religion, or belief. Some of these cultures that will be discussed are: Tribal, Ancient Middle East, Islamic, Western, Eastern, and Modern times. Diving deeper into how people of these cultures studied how the mind works, showcases why these cultures have their certain beliefs about what dreams are and what dreams can do for them. It will also discuss how these civilizations dictate their dreams today. Spiers, Sarah- “The Blueprint for Society: How the Ancient Greeks have Impacted Mankind Today” (session 6A) This contract work will be discussing how the ancient Greeks have played a part in providing some of the world's most well known advances today. The Greeks made important contributions to philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. They also have impacted many countries, as well as the United States, in their sophisticated sculpture and architecture. This research will also be discussing the Greeks contribution to: democracy, the alphabet, the library, the Olympics, mythology, and the theater. This work will showcase how the Greek culture continues to influence modern cultures today through their impact in society as a whole. Straznicky, Joseph- “What happened to you?: The use of rap music therapy with patients with trauma, oppositional defiant and mood dysregulation.” (session 4B) This presentation will proceed to present rap music therapy as a vehicle for change, utilized as a tool of narrative therapy. Rap music will provide the individual with a voice and allow them to write their story with their own words. The Narrative Therapy Centre defines narrative therapy as, “a collaborative and non-pathologizing approach to counseling and community work which centers people as the experts of their own lives”. Rap music will be the motor vehicle for the patient to rewrite their past trauma, understand their past behaviors and allow them to regulate their mood in the face of disruption. Talbot, Helena- “Young Women in Marquez and Harukami” (session 3A) This project explores/examines cultural attitudes towards women in Japanese and Columbian cultures. To explore this, I analyze characters from novels by Columbian author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Japanese, Haruki Marukami. I’ll be working with One Hundred Years of Solitude, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, After Dark, and Kafka on the Shore. I suggest you can tell a lot about a culture by how they treat their women. In these works, that proves to be true. This project looks into the treatment/characterization of young women in these works and compares it to cultural attitudes found in their respective countries. Tolley, Shanelle- “COVID-19 & the Effects of Single Use Plastic Waste Pollution at Missouri Valley College” (session 2B) The following poster presentation aims to bring awareness to the growing rates of single use plastic waste and hold the college accountable for the prioritization of student and environmental health needs. Themes addressed in this poster

include: types of plastics, consumer health, and waste sustainability. Sources include a one-on-one interview with Chuck Voltmer, Director of Dining Services at Fresh Ideas.

Tolley, Shanelle- “More than Meats the Eye: How Much is too Much?” (session 1A) More than Meats the Eye is a piece that aims to discern the safe amount of animal meat for human consumption, and the best diet for endurance athletes. To do this it is necessary to delve deeper into the origins of where meat comes from (before it reaches supermarket shelves), the recommended intake of macronutrients for athletes, and the health risks that come with eating too much meat (increased risk of cancer & heart disease). Vogelsmeier, Madison- “A letter for yearning shadows, and for the shadows to create voices left of the unsaid” (poster session) As an outsider, never wandering too far into the spiraling hole besides the appreciation of art, I stand here now as someone behind the work, instead of in front of it. As someone who attempts to control as much as possible and create perfection, I went out of the normality of comfort and achieved something beyond. I allowed my soul to take over, instead of my mind. “A letter for yearning shadows, and for the shadows to create voices left of the unsaid” underpins these pieces. Vogelsmeier, Madison and Jake Hofer- “Integration of Marketing and Graphic Design in Today’s Society” (session 4A) As two designers (Madison Vogelsmeier and Jake Hofer) optimize the utility of rendering graphic design and marketing together, they create a mock up of two companies utilizing the benefits of both graphic design and marketing. The goal in the presentation will consist of; creating a visible depiction of the creation process and strategy of brands and brand guides that’ll be beneficial to the marketing world, along with utilizing the skills of design and understanding the mutual beneficial arrangement in two opposite assets that can use design in branding with marketing to work together for a mutually beneficial relationship. Weekley-Griffin, Allison- “Capstone” (session 4B) The present Capstone provides information regarding a client who has been receiving treatment weekly since January 2021. This client met the full criteria for Major Depressive Disorder, including suicidality and self-harming thoughts. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has been shown to be an effective intervention for suicidality and self-harm, and was the primary treatment intervention used. The client created a safety plan to address primary symptoms, which included suicidality and self-harming thoughts. Secondary symptoms were addressed next, which included emotion regulation, problem solving, self-validation and coping thoughts. Significant improvements were shown after 5 weeks of treatment. Wright, Lakiaha- “Linkage between Mental Illness and Criminal Activity” (poster session) Criminal activity has been caused by many things and it’s past. Mental illness is said to be one of those factors. This project search is out to examine the correlating factors in mental illness and

criminal activity. The research studies are put in place to measure the knowledge of others' awareness of the linkage between mental illness and criminal activity. To measure this I will conduct surveys of Missouri Valley college students and analyze the results. I will gather the data to examine the extent where mental illness symptoms are distinguished among adult offenders and show correlation with criminal activity. Yesbeck, Karley- “A Comforting Space” (poster session) I grew up in Florida, bright and beautiful until it’s raining. This became a theme for my life, everything going so well until it’s not. At a young age, I was diagnosed with depression and it was okay. Until I was alone. I find myself seeking comforting spaces, not to be alone because I hate being alone, but to allow myself to feel at peace. Comforting spaces allow me to feel at ease because I know that once I enter no problems should follow. I found myself enjoying the works of Gwen John and Edward Hopper. I did two studies based off of their work and will be including a painting inspired by my family.

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The Student Research Symposium is sponsored by the Missouri Valley College Office of Academic Affairs; Alpha Chi; the Division of Business; the Division of Communications, Humanities, and Human Services; the Division of Education; the Division of Fine Arts; the Division of Health Sciences; the MVC Honors Program; MVC Libraries; the MACC Program; the Division on Math and Sciences; the School of Nursing; the MVC Office of the President; and the Division of Social Sciences. Acknowledgments Many thanks to the guest judges, volunteers, and the 2021 Student Research Symposium Committee whose hard work made this celebration of student research possible: D’kyra Allen, Diane Bartholomew, Tiffany Bergerman, Mariana Bolao, David Bowers, Bryan Carson, Elena Cook, Tamika Drake, Vincent Fedorowich, Léa Filali, Tammy Gibson, Sarah Gray, Nicholas Hartley, Tracey Hartley, Gary Heiserrer, Brooklyn Hosmer, Lee Jones, Erian-Beni Kabongo, Crystal Kimberling, Chris Libby, Jennifer Livengood, Makenzie Lake, Jim Mccrary, Patti Meyer, Margot Mirabal, Janie Morgan, Erich Mueller, Nick Petrov, Ana Plaza, Rubal Pradhan, Tyesha Rhodes, Lisa Rice, Pam Riggs, Dajah Robinson, Claire Schmidt, Peggy Sherman, Shanelle Tolley, Hannah VonHagel and Terry Wright.

Additional thanks are due to the Office of the President, Fresh Ideas Catering, the MVC Copy Center, the MVC IT staff, the Office of Development, and the Office of Student Affairs.

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