Wake County Hazard Mitigation Plan - January 2020


Figure 4.10 – Projected Change in Number of Days Over 95°F

Source: NOAA NCDC from 2014 National Climate Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies and Assumptions

No data is available to assess the vulnerability of people or property in the planning area to extreme heat. People Extreme heat can cause heat stroke and even loss of human life. The elderly and the very young are most at risk to the effects of heat. People who are isolated are also more vulnerable to extreme heat. Property Extreme heat is unlikely to cause significant damages to the built environment. However, road surfaces can be damaged as asphalt softens, and concrete sections may buckle under expansion caused by heat. Train rails may also distort or buckle under the stress of head induced expansion. Power transmission lines may sag from expansion and if contact is made with vegetation the line may short out causing power

Wake County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 2019


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