Wake County Hazard Mitigation Plan - January 2020


The HMPC also researched past events that resulted in a federal and/or state emergency or disaster declaration for Wake County in order to identify significant hazards. Federal and/or state disaster declarations may be granted when the Governor certifies that the combined local, county and state resources are insufficient and that the situation is beyond their recovery capabilities. When the local government‘s capacity has been surpassed, a state disaster declaration may be issued, allowing for the provision of state assistance. If the disaster is so severe that both the local and state government capacities are exceeded, a federal emergency or disaster declaration may be issued allowing for the provision of federal assistance. Records of designated counties for FEMA major disaster declarations start in 1964. Since then, Wake County has been designated in 11 major disaster declarations, as detailed in Table 4.3. Table 4.3 – FEMA Major Disaster Declarations, Wake County

Disaster #

Dec. Date 10/10/2016 4/19/2011 9/18/2003 12/12/2002 1/31/2000 9/16/1999 3/22/1998 9/6/1996 1/13/1996 12/2/1988 2/10/1968

Incident Type

Event Title

4285 1969 1490 1448 1312 1292 1211 1134 1087


Hurricane Matthew

Severe Storm(s)

Severe Storms, Tornadoes, And Flooding


Hurricane Isabel Severe Ice Storm

Severe Ice Storm Severe Storm(s)

Severe Winter Storm


Hurricane Floyd Major Disaster Declarations Severe Storms Tornadoes, And Flooding

Severe Storm(s)


Hurricane Fran Blizzard Of 96


818 234


Severe Storms & Tornadoes

Severe Ice Storm

Severe Ice Storm

Source: FEMA Disaster Declarations Summary, October 16, 2018

Using the above information and additional discussion, the HMPC evaluated each hazard’s significance to the planning area in order to decide which hazards to include in this plan update. Some hazard titles have been updated either to better encompass the full scope of a hazard or to assess closely related hazards together. Table 4.4 summaries the determination made for each hazard. Table 4.4 – Hazard Evaluation Results

Included in this plan update?


Explanation for Decision

Natural Hazards Dam Failure


The 2015 Wake County plan addressed this hazard.

The 2015 Wake County plan addressed this hazard. The State Hazard Mitigation Plan lists drought as a hazard for the Piedmont region which includes Wake County. The 2015 Wake County plan and the State HMP addressed this hazard. Wake County could be impacted by the New Madrid fault and the Charleston fault. The 2015 Wake County plan addressed this hazard. NCEI reports 2 heat events for Wake County. The State HMP includes Excessive Heat as a moderate hazard. The 2015 Wake County plan addressed this hazard. Multiple disaster declarations for the County are related to flooding. NCEI reports 130 flood-related events.





Extreme Heat




Wake County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 2019


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