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October is here. Baseball season coming to a close with the World Series, and basketball and hockey are starting their seasons, reminding us that we are on our way to winter and the holiday season (my favorite time of year). FROM THE DESK OF Ty Wilson At the close of October, we will have Halloween: The crazy celebration when our children dress up like someone else, knock on doors of neighbors, and ask for candy. My children love Halloween, and I love to see them so excited. Be careful out during Halloween, as there are several young children who do not have the knowledge and appreciation to realize that they are not the only ones out there. No one wants to hurt someone else, especially a child. It is very preventable, so just drive a little slower and make sure everyone is safe.


With Halloween just around the corner, American kids have candy on the brain, and just because your teen may be getting too old for trick-or-treating doesn’t mean they’re any less likely to chow down on the Snickers bars, Nerds, or M&M’s to celebrate the holiday. In fact, Halloween is often the kickoff to a season of eating in America, with candy-coated October rolling straight into turkey-filled November and cookie-laden December. The abundance of treats coming down the pipeline makes this the perfect time of year to check in on your teen’s fitness and reinforce healthy eating habits. If you’re worried about their health, you’re not alone. According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 30% of American kids ages 10–17 are struggling with obesity. However, the unrealistic standards held up by magazines and social media can make navigating such a conversation tricky, even if you have the best intentions. In the minefield of eating disorders and body image issues that come with today’s chats about diet and exercise, it’s all too easy to detonate a bomb.

As always, enjoy the outdoors and get ready for the holiday season to come.

Drive safely and be careful this Halloween.

-Ty Wilson

Luckily, psychologists and doctors have advice to offer on safeguarding your teen’s mental health and avoiding societal booby traps. Here are a few of their recommendations.

Don’t Criticize

Experts agree that criticizing your teen’s weight or looks will lead to nothing but heartache. Dr. Neville Golden, the lead author of an American Academy of Pediatrics report on avoiding obesity and eating disorders, says that “dieting and size-related shaming are closely linked to

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