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February 2019

1730 North Center Street, Hickory, NC 28601 • 828.229.7877 • Love Is Found in Your “Why” My Passion Behind My Career

F ebruary is synonymous with love. We often think of it regarding Cupid and romantic affection, but love takes many forms. I love my husband, my son, and of course, I adore Freckles, but each one of those is unique. Then there’s intangible love, like that of a career. When I look at my job, I can’t help but feel a sense of affirmation. It’s never boring because everyone has a story, and you’re right smack dab in the middle of it. One of the aspects I value the most about my job is finding out someone’s “why.” The motivation behind buying a home is never as straightforward as it seems. I was working with a local veteran who

came home after serving his country. He had some limitations from his service in the military, but he was still working. He got a job as a mechanic when he got back and continued to raise his family with his wife. As he started home searching, he found a house that he was desperate to have. I just assumed that he wanted it because it fit for his family — it was in the right neighborhood and had the proximity to local options most people would want. After working with him, I found out that the primary driving force for the home wasn’t just his family, but also because it had a fence. He wanted a fence because, years ago, he was promised a service dog to help with PTSD. He couldn’t get the dog without specific yard requirements. These animals take over a year and a half to train, so the agencies responsible want to make sure the investment they are making is returned on the other end with a good yard. As soon as we were able to get him his home, he got the dog too. It’s those moments I can’t help but love. My career is a match made in heaven. When I was running my CPA firm, the work was rewarding, but it was always reactive. I enjoyed the numbers and analytics, but I always felt like I was dealing with everything after the fact. It was all reactionary. Watching everything from the past tense got old because I couldn’t help anyone in the moment. With a mortgage, you’re in the thick of it as it’s happening. You’re getting things done that are going to help the future, not reacting to mistakes from the past. I get value from that because I like to have positive effects on all my clients.

Knowing the “why” always helps because you’re in that journey with the person, and I think that’s what love is all about. Whether it’s God, family, or marriage, working together toward a common goal that all parties are invested in is always going to see more success and enjoyment.

I hope everyone finds that this Valentine’s Day and you all feel the love that this world can bring.

-Jamie Harrington



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