Environment Advocate Series

Cause and Effect Dangers of our environment

Genetically modified foods, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, along with air pollution, standard house hold chemicals, many of the foods we eat, and even the water we drink all expose the body to billion upon billions of external free radicals daily. This means our body is under constant attack. Tipping the scales of disfunction, disharmony, disease, and illness in a rapid and unrelenting direction that lead to chronic disease, mental condition, infertility, and even cancer. With soil depreciation and modern production processes, the nutrient density of vitamins and minerals in our food are significantly reduced. It is more and more difficult to obtain antioxidant protection from our diets. Additionally, as our bodies age (starting around the age of 30) they are less efficient at producing many of the enzymatic molecules that comprise the body’s internal or endogenic free radical defense system.

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