Environment Advocate Series

and stay inside the cell membrane. LDL particles are comprised of fat molecules susceptible to free radical oxidation that can trigger an inflammatory response. Over time, if this process is propagated due to a breakdown of the antioxidant defense mechanisms, the termination process never occurs, leading to a build up of fatty deposits called plaque that eventually can form an arterial blockage. • Metabolic Syndrome People who suffer from metabolic syndrome often experience hyperglycemia (elevated levels of blood sugar). Chronic hyperglycemia primes the innate immune system for an exaggerated inflammatory response. This is the perfect environment for free radical propagation. Frequent hyperglycemia reoccurrences deplete the body’s antioxidant reserves and allows metabolic syndrome to progress to more serious conditions.

Additional conditions impacted by free radicals • Oral Health • Miscarriages • Skeletal System (Bones)

• Joints Integrity • Muscles function, Strength, and Tonus • Infertility • Respiratory Disorders • Diabetes

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