Personal Correspondence; 2000-2009

Lessie Watts Assistant Principal

Arleen Hallas Assistant Principal

Elizabeth La Grone Principal

January 25, 2000

Dear Community Leader,

As part of an on-going program at Campus West of recognizing the contributions of African Americans, we would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our school on Tuesday, February 15, 2000 to speak to students about your career and role in the community. Classroom visits will be scheduled from 9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. A reception for all of our visitors will take place in the faculty lounge from 8: 15 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. Please feel free to bring any materials and equipment or wear uniforms that you use in yourfOSition to share with our students. The African American Curriculum Program ~t Campus West recognizes African American history throughout the schodl year. This is one of many activities planned to highlight the achievements of/\frican Americans. Our school includes grades Pre K through 8. If you would like to request a particular grade please let us know. If you can participate in this program we would like for you to call 878-6413 by February 'I , 2000. -----

We look forward to meeting you. Thank you.

Resp;ctful~~ ti ~ , ~$(/JCJ./JYzUl!U Elizabeth LaGrone Principal

~'YYl i P-*- Eva M. Doyle, Coordinator African American Curriculum Program

"roOD$£" for thc2 futurc2




P.O. Box 914 Ellic.o:t;t $:t.ation Bu66alo, Ne.w roldl 14205-0914 GEORGE JOHNSON Pt~

May 11, 2000

Dear Coalition Member:

I spoke to Mr. Kenneth Holley recently and made him aware ofthe upcoming Talbert Mall/ Frederick Douglals Towers (TM/FD1) Reunion on August 18-20 ofthis year. The TM/FDf ofcourse is the public housing project built in 1960, which once bore the official name of Mary Talbert the African American matriarchal force behind the Niagara Movement, which led to the formation ofthe NAACP. Today, this same housing unit bears the name ofFrederick Douglas the African American patriarchal force who helped beget the ..civil rights movement" and helped abolish slavery. This public housing unit is located in the innermost part ofthe City ofBuffalo, right near downtown. - As you may or may not know a major multi-million dollar renovation is underway, that should greatly transform the site in a better way. The residents who share the history ofboth the Talbert Mall and the Frederick Douglas Towers many ofwhom are generations of families will have its' first ever reunion. We are currently producing a video documentary that will include the community near downtown (i.e. Michigan St Baptist Church, ColoredMusician's Club, etc.) Buffalo and the TM/FDT. Enclosed we have provided an outline for your review. If there is any particular area that you can provide material for this endeavor please contact us. We are interested in pictures, video, reliable historical accounts, and or persons. We are open to interviewing qualified historians for specific segments.

Ifl can be of any assistance to Y.

please do not hesitate to contact me at (716) 470-3358 or 883-3669.


Kenne N. Robinson History Committee Co-Chair

Cc: Kim Reynolds Co-Chair; George Johnson, President Reunion Committee

Outline for Frederick Douglas Towers/Talbert Mall Reunion Historical Video Documentary I

L Foundation a. Dynamics of central city location and the "Great Migration" ofBlacks from the South to the North at the turn of the 20 th Century. b. History of the area; the movement, arts and entertainment that followed (Le. Underground railroad, Niagara movement, Colored Musicians Club, Little Harlem Hotel etc.). II. Impact ofWorld War II on the area a. Jesse Clipper memorial on Michigan Ave. Symbolic of the many black soldiers who fought for freedom in America (noteworthy on the point of war). b. Government Public policy toward central city urban centers like Buffalo, and the creation of the Talbert Mall in 1960 named after activist Mary Talbert of the Niagara Movement. IIL The people of Talbert Mall, the promise of industry, the pain of poverty, and the death of King. a. Industries employed blacks (Bethlebem Steel; Republic Steel etc.), but many blacks are still poor. b. Many young blacks inactive in the industrial labor market by the late 1960's; King's poor people's campaign leads to his death. W. The impact of King's Death felt in Talbert Mall a. Urban riots/ rebellion of 1968 throughout urban settings including Talbert Mall b. The decline of the manufacturing industry and its' relationship to the formation of street gangs like the Talbert Mall's "Pythons" in the 1970's. c. Buffalo Urban League at 234 Jefferson. V. Early 1980's saw advances in Sports (JFK Center) as young people escaped gang influences. a. Young aspiring sports achievers like Tim Steward at ACC (P.S.#6), and later South Park H.S., then E.C.C. b. "Drugs: and the tragedy of basketball star Ritchie Campbell". VL Today's youth need education. a. The problems that beset our youth (i.e. teen pregnancy; crime and unemployment). b. Solution: Education and the labor market are returning to central city areas, with the information superhighway you can bring the labor market to your home. Conclusion a. The future for Frederick Douglas Towers/ Talbert Mall and the optimism of Urban Renewal b. Citizens, pioneers, distinguished alumni of Talbert Mall tell what to expect from the people and this reunion.

• We are also interated in helping reunion participants perhaps trace their lineage after this weekend.


John Maloney Member of Parliament Erie-Lincoln

~&1~ 2 0 2000


Buffalo Quarters Historical Society, P.O. Box 1542, Central Park Station, Buffalo, New York, 14215-1542

Attention Mrs. Lillion Batchelor, Founder/Chairman of the Board

Dear Mrs. Batchelor:

Thank you for the kind invitation to attend the Buffalo Quarters Historical Society's sixth annual re– enactment of a slave river crossing on August 12, 2000. Unfortunately I will not be in the riding and unable to attend. '

With best wishes,J remain ,


Ottawa 723 Confederation Building House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario KIA 0A6 (613) 995-0988 Pa~: (6 13) .995-5245 email:

Beamsville Sate/life . Lincoln Town l-laU '4800South Seryice Ro<1d Open Tuesdays l+I

Smithville Satellite 13 t College Street Open Friday~

Port Co/borne 22 Clarence Street Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 3E8 (905) 835-5454 Fax: (905) 835-6556 1-800-463-283 1

Margit B. Spector 9 Glenside Court Buffalo, New York 14223

Dec. 6, 2000


I received your letter and the sheet music for the songs relating to slavery times, and I thank you so very much!

The program that I'm trying to organize for February is to be about African-American music, its beginnings and some of its stages. About a year ago, there was a very well-done program on Channel 17 on this subject, "Amazing Grace" . I don't know ifyou saw it. We won' t have the time or the resources to cover as much material, but maybe some of it. Also, we try not to have only a lecture-type meeting with nothing for the "audience" to do, and I'm hoping to get audience participation in the singing. That is why I hope to find a small, enthusiastic group which knows about this genre of music and can share it with us, leading us in singing with them. The present plan is to have the meeting in the Community Center at Harlem Road in Amherst, on Feb. 7 or 14. You are certainly welcome to join us ifyou are interested. Whether from you or from me, the group will hear about the reenactment of the river crossing that your group does annually. Our first meeting this last fall was a trip to Murphy Orchards in Newfane where Carol Murphy hosted us and led us to the hidden room that was part ofthe Underground Railroad, so the Feb. meeting sort ofcontinues our education into the Civil War era. Several members ofFifty Women with a Vision joined us on the trip, and we have some members who have joined our group (AAUW) and we have joined Fifty Women. Let's keep in touch. You said you would update me on developments in the Aug. 4 event, and I'll tell you what is happening with the AAUW meeting in Feb. I may need your help some more! I will send you a current newsletter so that you can see what we' re about.


March 30, 2001

Ms. Lillion Batchelor Buffalo Quarters Historical Society 295 LaSalle Avenue Buffalo, New York 14215

Dear Ms. Batchelor:

My office has been reviewing the numerous requests that I received about member item monies promised during previous members' tenures. Any old money that has not been processed through the legislature, prior to a new member taking office, is allocated at the discretion of the new member.

In reviewing our records it shows that you applied for such funding.

In order to evaluate your request and to gain a better understanding of your organization, I would like an opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss your request. Please contact my District Office, 854-8705, to arrange a meeting.

Byron W. Brown State Senator,57 th District


January 31 , 2001

United Way of Buffalo & Erie County One Community Way 742 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, New York 14209 716-887-2626 Fax: 716-887-2700

Dear Agency Executive:

As you know, the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County allows . contributors to designate all or a portion of their contributions to an agency or agencies of their choice, through the Donor Choice Program. Enclosed is a report that lists donor names and addresses along with the amount designated to your agency during the 2000-2001 Campaign, based on pledges processed to date. Please acknowledge these donors di,rectly within the next thirty days and forward a copy of the form letter used to do so to my attention at the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. On the donor name and address list there is an "Info Req" column. If the word "yes" is indicated, the donor has requested more information regarding how his gift is used in the community during the year. Please honor this request.

Payment for designations will be remitted to your agency in five cycles as follows:

Cycle 1 -April 30, 2001 Cycle 2 - July 31, 2001 Cycle 3 - October 31, 2001 Cycle 4 - January 31, 2002 Cycle 5 - May 31 , 2002

Designations will be paid out for direct gift contributions (check, cash, credit card or stock) as they are collected from each contributor.

If a contributor is giving through payroll deduction we will be paying out that contributor's designation based on the payroll collection experience of the company the. individual works for. · · ·

An administrative charge of 9% will be deducted from each payment.

If you have any questions regarding this letter or the enclosed report, please contact Dawn M. Bonner, Pledge Services Manager, at (716) 887-2607.




Jacque ine Aloi Kalosza Controller


Lives change when a community cares.



Benjamin Matthews, Artistic Director Wayne Sanders, Music Director

February 12, 2001

Mrs. Lillion Batchelor, Founder / President Buffalo Quarters Historical Society P.O. Box 1542, Central Park Station Buffalo, NY 14215-1542

Dear Mrs. Batchelor,

It would be wonderful to have you present at this magnificent event. We encourage you to share this information with your friends. Perhaps a group of you would be interested in making the trip from Buffalo to join in this great musical celebration and tribute to Harriet Tubman.

We send you our best wishes for every success in your future endeavors.


Benjamin Matthews

2109 Broadway Suite #1418 New York, NY 10023 Phone: 212.877.2110 FAX: 212.877.2110 e-mail:

Opera Ebony The longest surviving African-American Opera Company in American History in association with The Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture present Harriet Tubman

A New American Drama and Opera Musical/Theater Work Musical Workshop Performance of excerpts from Harriet Tubman In Celebration ofWomen's History Month & The Designated Birthday (March 10) of Harriet Tubman Music by Leo Edwards Commissioned by The Linda Gale Sampson Charitable Fund & Opera Ebony

Sunday, March 11, 2001 at 4:00 p.m. The Langston Hughes Auditorium 515 Malcolm X Boulevard at 135 th Street

New York, New York ADMISSION: $20 For information Call: (212) 874-7245 Monday-Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P .M. Group Sales or Fax: (2 12) 877-2110 Special Funding for Workshop Performances by: Time Warner Cable, Ms. Jean Burden and the Greenwall Foundation


1~South Prince Drive - Depew, New York 14043 Fax/Phone(716)668-3671

February 21 , 2001

Buffalo Quarters Historical Society Buffalo, NY 14215


"Freedom Walk" and "Stage" Interlocking Paver Proposal Underground Railroad Freedom Memorial Broderick Park, Buffalo, New York

Dear Board Members:

PVD Landscaping Service is pleased to present the following proposal for construction of the "Freedom Walk" and "Stage" at the Underground Railroad Freedom Memorial.

The proposal includes purchasing and installation of the 'Lafarge' interlocking pavers at Broderick Park on the sub-base and grades previously established under separate contract. This proposal is divided into four sections in order to construct the project in phases as the funds are raised. PVD Landscaping Service is looking forward to hiring people from the community, selected by the Buffalo Quarters Historical Society, for help in this project. Pay rates for the above mentioned people will be based upon experience. In the event that workers can not be provided, PVD Landscaping Service has the capabilities to undertake this project with its own employees. The following sections describe the area ofwork and the accompanying price estimates. Pricing includes all material, labor, installation and clean-up. Pricing does not include on-site engraving ( Galle Memorial will submit separate pricing ). Section A: "Entrance Walks and Circle" Soldier Course: Style- Centurion (Standard Only, 5.5" x 8"), Color- Executive Main Courses: Style- Arcadia, random bond, Color- 50% Sandstone, 50% Chartan 1.)




Section Bl : "Freedom Walk" (Pavers) Soldier Course: Style- Centurion ( Standard Only, 5.5" x 8"), Color- Executive Main Courses: Style- Arcadia, random bond, Color- 50% Sandstone, 50% Chartan


$13 ,794.00


130 South Prince Drive - Depew, New York 14043 Fax/Phone (716) 668-3671


Section B2: "Freedom Walle" (Granite Insets) * Granite pieces shall be purchased and delivered to site by others ( Galle Memorial ). PVD Landscaping Service will place and inset the granite into the walkway at the appropriate locations.


$25.00 per Granite piece ( final quantity to be determined)


Section C: "Stage" Style- Centurion 50% Standard, 5.5"x 8", 50% Jumbo, 8"x 11", Color- Heritage * This style and color requires 4 - 6 weeks notice for manufacturing purposes.



The work that is to be performed will be completed in a substantial and workmanlike manner. PVD Landscaping Service requires a 50% deposit prior to job start and the remaining balance due upon completion ofwork. Any alteration or deviation from the plans will be executed only upon written mutual agreement and will be added or deducted from the sum quoted in this bid. All additional agreements must be in writing. PVD Landscaping to carry all necessary insurances, including Workmen's Compensation, Disability & Liability Insurance. PVD Landscaping Service agrees to pay all taxes on material and labor furnished under this bid as required by Federal laws and the laws of New York State.

PVD Landscaping Service is looking forward to completing this inspirational project.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Vincent Dlugos . President, PVD Landscapi


1~South Prince Drive- Depew, New York 14043 Fax/Phone (716) 668-3671


Lillion Batchelor 295 LaSalle Avenue Buffalo, NY 14215


I would just like to introduce my company and present an estimate for consideration in the Freedom Memorial project in Broderick Park. I have been in the Landscaping business for 18 years and have owned my own business for the past 7 years. I would like to arrange a meeting to discuss in more detail how we could work together on your upcoming projects. If you would be interested, please feel free to contact me at my office: 668-3671 or, on my cell phone: 913-4228.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Paul Vincent Dlug z PVD Landscaping Service




June 19,2001

Buffalo Quarters Historical Society

295 LaSalle Avenue

Buffalo, N.Y. 14215

Dear Program Operator:

Your recent request for a Budget Revision for your 2000-2001 Grant-in-Aid has been reviewed by this department.

This revision has been approved as per the attached budget .

Sincerely, /~~ James R. Folan Senior Planner Dept. of Contract Administration

JRF/kmm cc: Jeni Wozniak Attachment

851 P01

Iluff.,lu Qu,1rlcr11 rfi titoru·~,J ~-·iue1dy 295 LaSalle Avenue IlufL,lo, :~{ew Yurk 142.15-l ;""i,(2

Lillion Ratd,elor, Foumlr.r

June 18, 2000

Jim R. Folan Senior Planner Contract Administration Unit 1701 City Hall Buffalo, New York 14202-3376

Dear Mr. Folan

I am requesting authorization to amend the June 2000 to June 2001 budget. For your review, see the enclosed copies of Attachment B of the Grant-In-Aid application, Grant– In-Aid Budget Revision fonn and the Expenditure Report. Thank you for your time and consideration.





, ,·




Virg1ma A, Batchelor Executive Director

851 P02



AGENCY NAME Buffalo Quarters Historical Society

CONTRACT DATES Jµoe_2000- June 2001

CHANGE# _____




(+) (-)


$1000.00 $250.00 $700.00


Video Docwnentation






AM-1400/Entercom (Radio)

BlackStage Productions Mary Craig/Writer/Director



$700.00 $1150.00







$751.71 $200.00 $742.50 $1550.00



Still Photographer



Quality Investigative Services



Indigo Productions

$4 JO_OO

$410.00 $500.00 $500.00 $500.00


Keller Bros. & Miller



Lil1ion Batchelor



Tonnalee Batchelor



Virginia Batchelor Robinson




$665.23 $380.56 $10,000.00




-dl !J3ujfoh (J"rcrdititJn - HOTEL LENOX


~ j;J;,;_ (Y>Ul-of ~ ~ ¼; IM,L_


~~rw.JA ~h ~ ~~~M1µu_~_ r-&~1~"~ J,,,Jl,~rn:, cf~ ~C%,. I ~xkl ~fvt5'-~~~ .


~/---~ ~~1 ·I =1-H>

716-884- 1700 • l-800-82-LENOX • FAX 885-8636 --•--- 140 NORTH STREET AT DELAWARE AVENUE, BUFFALO, NEW YORK 14201 -


Th Jn I,~ for Bein~






Th,?nt you for your LnJneSL frienJ , ,?nJ everyth;n~ you Jo -

I hofe th,?t I c,?n ,?/vv,?ys be th,?t LnJ of frienJ for you! *

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated


March I 0, 2003

Mrs. Lillian Batchelor 295 LaSalle Avenue Buffalo, New York 14215

Dear Mrs. Lillian Batchelor,

Congratulations. You have been selected as one of twelve women to receive the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Gamma Phi Omega Chapter "Spirit of AKA-Profiling Women of Excellence" Award for 2003. As a woman in the WNY community who is first and/or outstanding in her field of expertise, we are proud to present you with this achievement award. We will celebrate our 95 th Founders' Day during a luncheon on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 1:30 p.m. in the Buffalo Convention Center. Awards will be presented during this luncheon celebration. As you know, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was founded on the campus of Howard University in 1908 and since that time through local chapters and its membership of over 150,000 college-educated women has been providing programs of service to communities throughout the world. If you will be available to accept this award, please contact Mrs. Yvonne B. Evans, Committee Chair, at 893-2310 or to confirm by March 19, 2003. We will need a photograph as well as biographical information for your award presentation. Enclosed you will find a complementary ticket. The cost for the luncheon is $35.00. For additional tickets and /or information please contact Mrs. Josephine Robbins, Committee Co-Chair, at 838-3631 or We applaud your accomplishments and look forward to honoring you during our 95 th Founders' Day celebration. . . ·· ..\ // '1 ( ') / Sin; y, (/:\--- ~ Lt~~ \ t1 ·d~ loawn E. Sanders / ....__ __{.___ ~ Prdident L ,

Enclosure (1)

P.O. BOX 3231 • BUFFALO, NEW YORK 14240


P.0.Box 1833 Cheektowaga, NY 14225



Lillion Batchelor 295 LaSalle Avenue Buffalo, NY 14215


Ms. Batchelor,

I am writing to you in regards of our goals and objectives on getting our museum up and running. Well before you ask, "What goals and objectives, and what museum?" Please allow me to address those issues. Here is a sampling ofour goals and objectives that we would like to achieve. GOAL: TO HAVE A MUSEUM SET UP SHOWING THE HISTORY OF NOT JUST THE BLACK PERSON, BUT PERSONS OF ALL _RACES, COLORS, AND CREEDS. We would like to share this with all. Please allow us to give you an example: Let's just use WORLD WAR TWO as the time era. There would be a room dedicated to just that era and how all of us pooled our efforts together and did their share in the war effort. This would be done with presentations, videos, slide shows, displays, and from people that did serve in th_at war. _NOTE: This could be done with WORLD WAR ONE, KOREA, VIETNAM, THE GULF WAR, AND JUST RECENTLY THE EFFORTS IN IRAQ. OBJECTIVE: TO PLACE A STRONG EMPHASIS ON EDUCATION. Without a good strong education where would we all be at today? Is our question to all? Our answer to this is to show how the educational system evolved through the years and what could be done to better it for the common good of all. SOLUTION: We would like to have speakers from The National Education Association, The Buffalo Teachers Foundation, and from some of the local colleges and universities. As you well know, nothing in life comes free. There is a price that has to be paid. This is where you come into the picture and help us out in our goals and objectives. We are asking you if you can help our cause and become an active supporter of our museum. I would like to ask you if it would be possible that you may have any ideas and thoughts that you may be able to share with us in our goal? What we are looking for is strong support from you and others like you that can make this happen for the good of all. Can we count on you to join our team? It would be an honor if you could help us in this cause.

In closing, please allow me to say thank you in advance for you and your efforts in making The Eastside Black Historical Museum come to life and prosper!

Regards and Sincere thanks! ,/~/J~ Eddie Pressley, Founder & CEO J. Raymond Smith, Operations Manager

The Eastside Black Historical Museum is a NON-PROFIT organization dedicated to obtaining and sharing historical information with everyone. This information may include displays, articles, and assorted materials.



L: -i.. "'-..-.:..rJ. ,'t:.'-' - ~.,.,_ -o ~ ~ ...,., :,...j ~-c...1 I. P\-c. .. ~~ ..._,,... t~ ,.,._.-, i:a,., s ..\- ~ : a L, s t.-4" - 5tc.J7

DEACON WILLIAM E. YOKLEY Chairman Bd. Of Deacons MR. OTIS COWART Co-Chairman Bd. Of Trustees MR. CLARENCE E. JACKSON, SR. Co-Chairman Bd. Of Trustees MR. JOSEPH MERRITT Chairman, Buildings and Grounds MRS. MARY ALICE BROWN Church Clerk MRS. CATHERINE L. WRIGHT Executive Secretary MRS. JOYCE J. LIVINGSTON Office Manager

SAINT JOHN BAPTIST CHURCH 184 Goodell Street Buffalo, New York 14204 Phone:716-852-4504 Fax: 716-852-1520


August, 2003

Dear Saint:

"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee. The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee." (Numbers 6:24-25)

Thinking of you on your birthday, with love and with a prayer,

That God will bless you every day,

And keep you in His care.

Have A Wonderful Birthday! ~M;,11/_//; Reverend Mich£rch~



I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14)

?.t-6&1?~ & tk MW;nenu f:?en?J!w~ oned- ~-. r[}~wutdo~/ ~~lbj:?~ w~t;f~



~u've touched

and inspired

so many hearts–

including my own-

just by being

the wonderfulperson

you are.

Happy Birthday

/4.)./1;9'! c'DJLD LA5Cl2186

D=-vz=-/{._ _? I


LovE You/

As We COME -coqet:l;ER._ W1'Cl; OUR._ fAM111ES ANb f R.1ENbS -cn1s l;ol1bA 1 SEASON., MA'( We S17AR..E peACE., l;EAtcl; ANb l;App1NESS· f R..OM OUR._ fAM1L'( 'CO '(OUI\5., BESt: w1snes f OR.. A JO'(fUL l;ol1bA 1 SEASON ANb A !)App'( New yeAR._.

-;Ct.oVt: ., yo~J ;.J~W (;,{V,; /,1/£

HAVli' yo(/ t.051 ycu~ MJJIN 1>11iv~?

--:t: {)c/J >t /;ii JIN//14- V i) o Al'I orll eA. f e-.eN'acf-p1eA-/ (

5o;,1c $1.i ~t1 !

Yea. birthdays trigger a whole slew of emotions. but you·d better get used to it ...

... with your luck. you'll have another one of these babies next year.

Have a good one!



Please join the "Harriet Tubman 300's, Inc." on Sunday, April 29, 2001 for Vintage Wine - Young Men -and– Seasoned Gents


at the Kensington Place - 377 Kensington Ave.

Subscription $20.00

2:00 P.M.

Harriet Tubman, 1821 ?-1913, a leader on the Underground Railroad. She made over 19 trips into the squt,h and led over 300 slaves to freedom. She was a member of the AME Zion Church and willed her home and 26 acres of land to the AME Zion Church in 1906.

~ ;;0qt0~


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