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Our business is protecting yours.

Your business could face...



Safety Issues

If you leave staff and buildings unattended, you may need to deal with: • Staff anxiety at being vulnerable and alone after hours, • Fire and flood disasters, • Damage to premises and goods due to unchecked water leaks, acid or fuel spills or changes to storage area temperatures.

Your premises needs to both look safe and be safe. Your buildings, equipment, stock, staff, customers and suppliers could be affected by damage such as: • Graffiti and vandalism to equipment, buildings, signage and fencing, • Damage by organised criminal gangs to plant and equipment causing production outages, • Arson, • Vagrancy with the potential to invite anti-social behaviour such as drug use and vandalism.

Unfortunately break-ins, robbery, burglary and theft can happen at any time - from inside or outside an organisation. You could be vulnerable to: • Organised burglary that could wipe out your stock or equipment, • Persistent and significant theft, • Cash stolen on the way to and from the bank.

We are here to help you...

Wilson Security has a large team of trained Security Officers who work 24/7 conducting security services for Australian businesses. We tailor-make Mobile Patrol solutions to suit each business.

Theft reduction solutions • Lock and unlock services, • Responses to alarms at any time of the day or night, • Cash in transit services (collect and deposit cash into your nominated bank), • Escalation to all emergency services when needed.

Damage control services We secure premises by:

• Removing trespassers, • Ensuring the staff/public has left the building, • Conducting randomised patrols day or night checks in highly visible security vehicles. Staff protection support • Welfare checks on your staff after hours, • Duty of care services for staff such as escorts to their vehicles after hours, • Escort staff who deposit cash, valuable equipment or stock when in transit.

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