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BITTERSWEET ENDINGS AND HAPPY BEGINNINGS Welcoming a Familiar Face to the Team April 2019

Like anything in life that’s new and unknown, stepping out on my own as an attorney was scary. While there were risks, our young family took the leap of faith because we knew it was a step in the right direction. In many ways, I was only able to do this because of Ashley’s amazing job. For the past several years, she’s been an attorney with Berger Singerman, a highly respected Florida law firm focusing on all areas of business law. As part of their Business Reorganization and Dispute Resolution Teams, Ashley has focused on bankruptcy and insolvency cases, complex commercial litigation cases, and earned well-deserved accolades and honors along the way. (I could keep bragging about Ashley, but I’ll let you ask her.) Berger Singerman gave Ashley the opportunity to live out her dream of practicing bankruptcy law at a top and well-respected bankruptcy firm. Since she started law school — and even before that —Ashley wanted to practice bankruptcy or family law. Her mom, Bernice, was a bankruptcy and family law attorney practicing out of Boca Raton, and Ashley’s dream was to follow the path Bernice had paved. Fresh out of law school, Ashley was very lucky to get a position in the appellate court clerking for Judge Melanie G. May. Since positions with judges last for two terms, Judge May connected Ashley with Judge Raymond B. Ray, a bankruptcy judge in Ft. Lauderdale, after her terms ended because she knew Ashley’s interests.

In her two terms working with Judge Ray, Ashley gained exposure to the commercial and litigation side of bankruptcy law, including high profile cases like the one revolving around Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein (a story you’ve probably heard, as it’s made many news headlines and was featured in CNBC’s “American Greed”). At that time, attorneys from Berger Singerman were working on the Rothstein case, and they got to know Ashley as their work intersected. All it takes is meeting Ashley for you to know how amazing she is, and Berger Singerman quickly offered her a job after her terms ended with Judge Ray. In her six years at the firm, Ashley has not only found a great job and a strong foundation for her legal career but also a group of people who’ve become friends and mentors. The folks at Berger Singerman are an outstanding group of people that I’ve been lucky enough to get to know through Ashley. The firm took Ashley in early in her legal career and provided the support and training she needed to navigate the complex bankruptcy and litigation work they do. The past six years have been full of growth, learning, new challenges, and amazing opportunities. Thank you to everyone at Berger Singerman for being part of this. Reflecting on the role the firm has played in Ashley’s life makes it bittersweet to share the next bit of news. This month, we’re taking our next step as a firm, and as a family, and welcoming Ashley to the Bruce Law Firm. We’re so excited for Ashley to start this next chapter of her career. At the same time, it was a difficult decision for Ashley to leave her team at Berger Singerman, as they have been so good to her. Thanks to you, our firm has continued to grow. This next step made the most sense for Bruce Law Firm, our family, and our clients. Getting to work alongside a respected and knowledgeable attorney like Ashley will be a huge benefit to our team and to our clients. It also gives Ashley the opportunity to work in family law, an area she is passionate about and excited to grow in. We’re looking forward to working together to help our clients. Ashley and I are thankful to all the people who have supported us in our careers and our business along the way, especially the attorneys from Berger Singerman who gave Ashley the chance to learn and grow. We can’t wait to share this next chapter with all of you. –Ashley & Chris Bruce

Ashley, Russell, & Ruby on the carousel!

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