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While the Rest Imitate, the Best Innovate

Get to know the new Doppstadt Inventhor Type 6. Page 4

Blue completes the design and installation of

First of the new Powerscreen Chieftain 1700X screeners goes to work at Brett Aggregates Page 8

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ISSUE 2 | 2021

Remembering Werner Doppstadt It is with great sadness that on 20th April 2021, Doppstadt said goodbye to their founder and CEO Werner Doppstadt, aged 77. Born in Homberg, Germany, Mr Doppstadt transformed his parents’ farm into an agricultural contracting business with the help of Hedwig and Josef. The Doppstadt Group, which has headquarters in Velbert, was first established in 1965 and has gone on to international success. In 1970, Mr Doppstadt developed the PUMA cleaning machine, which the company says helped reposition the family enterprise as a developer of environmental and recycling machinery. It is said that as a mechanical engineer Mr Doppstadt could be characterised by his curiosity, his innovative spirit and his foresightedness with regard to customers’ needs and the market. Known by his catchphrase “I have an idea!”, Mr Doppstadt focused on possibilities, not problems, and invested all his energies and financial resources in the development of the business. In 2012 Mr Doppstadt passed on the management of the company to his son Ferdinand. Today, the Doppstadt Group has around 700 employees and provides a full range of services encompassing “every sector” involved in environmental technology and the recovery of reusable materials. Doppstadt Group realised a statement saying: “Thanks to his courage and entrepreneurial spirit, Werner Doppstadt was held in high esteem by the employees and enjoyed their confidence. His customers and suppliers always valued him as a competent partner. With his sense of humour and pragmatism, he was a well-liked boss for his employees and provided valuable support to his team.

Product Focus – Xcentric XC20 Crusher Bucket In this issue


Get to know the new Doppstadt Inventhor Type 6


Blue completes the design and installation of a state-of-the-art MRF for Willshee’s First of the new Powerscreen Chieftain 1700X screeners goes to work at Brett Aggregates



Fuchs grabs hold of the North East


Blue Spares Invest in their Sales team through ongoing training KPS kick start their compost season with three new Doppstadt Trommels BlueMAC provide the perfect fines clean up solution for David Ritchie and Sons Times are changing, change your thinking…with Blue’s range of Electric/Hybrid Equipment


Xcentric XC20 Crusher Bucket



Supplied by

Xcentric has changed the market’s perception of crusher buckets with its consistent quality and high-performance for rock crushing and recycling of materials. Built in HARDOX 400. Solid, durable, characterised by the recognisable clean lines designed to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions. Its versatility allows the use of this attachment in a variety of processes such as the reduction of use of heavy-duty mechanical vehicles and the number of operators. The demolition materials can be reused directly on site, thus reducing transport costs, and recycling in respect of the environment. Murray Plant supply the entire Xcentric crusher bucket range, including the XC20. This model can process 450 tonnes per day on a 20-tonne excavator, complementing a demolition contractor’s fleet for jobs that do not require large track- mounted crushers. Its reverse crush function frees blockages and the size setting can be changed in just two minutes, meaning less downtime. The XC20 has the unique ability to handle sticky material with the Xcentric crushing action. It is nimble around compact sites, and no haulage is required as it arrives on a trailer or with digger.

The closeness to each single employee, the talk in the workshop and the daily tour through the halls were part of his philosophy and the basis for the company’s success.” Everyone at Blue would like to pass on their condolences to Werner Doppstadt’s family and everyone at Doppstadt Group.


Excavator size:

20 to 25 tonnes

For general enquiries or queries about Blue Group , please contact us: 0345 217 8755 @blue_machinery @BlueMachinery @BlueGroup @bluemachinerygroup @BlueGroup

Weight (without top plate):

2,500 kg

Loading capacity:

0.8 m3

External width:

930 mm

Internal width:

730 mm


2,465 mm


1,300 mm

Crushing size:

20-140 mm

Jaw opening:

420 mm

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To further improve the up-time of the Inventhor Type 6, many components have been optimised to ensure easy accessibility. Thanks to its wide-opening comb flap, the entire shredding area and the engine compartment are easily accessible. This means that maintenance and retooling processes can be carried out quickly and safely. Flexible to use, easy to move – the Inventhor Type 6 comes on tracks, a semitrailer with king-pin or six-wheel trailer with drawbar for transport up to 80 km/h. Economic efficiency in operation also means that the shredder can be moved quickly around the yard. With the tracked version you can move the Inventhor Type 6 safely and quickly on any surface, even during the shredding process. Blue Machinery Central’s customer, Down to Earth Recycling, recently had the Type 6 on demo working on wood waste and green waste. We spoke to co-owner, Gary Milson, who described his experience with the new shredder: “With the old DW 3060 it was just a case of switching it on and start shredding. However, this new model offers a lot more flexibility with the different settings and options available. We are seeing a good level of throughput and the material samples that we’re getting are absolutely fantastic. I also love the versatility of the tracked Inventhor Type 6, the tracking speed is great and we can move it around the yard with ease”. Blue Group are the exclusive Doppstadt dealers across the UK & Ireland, for any further information give us a call 0345 217 8755 or send an email to

This new model offers a lot more flexibility with the different settings and options available. We are seeing a good level of throughput and the material samples that we’re getting are absolutely fantastic.

While the Rest Imitate, the Best Innovate

Last year Doppstadt released the newest shredder to their ‘smart shredding’ line, with the Inventhor Type 6. With its unique VarioDirect Drive, increased uptime and simplicity of operation from the first tonne, the successor of the highly popular DW 3060 takes advantage of the latest Doppstadt shredding technology to help take your business to the next level.

process even under load and in case of blockage, the Vario gearbox can automatically switch to reverse mode in order to reliably protect the Inventhor Type 6 from any damage. The shredder is equipped as standard with a Stage-V diesel engine generating 260 kW. Another excellent feature on the Type 6 is its smart hopper, with a volume of 2m³ which can be increased up to approximately 5 m³, by using auxiliary attachment panels. The smart hopper tilts upwards, allowing you to tip in any remaining material that may have become stuck. It can also be set at a suitable angle so the material automatically slides into the shredding area.

Powerful, dynamic, and ready to use wherever you need it, the Inventhor Type 6 shreds with high efficiency, whether its green waste, commercial & industrial waste, municipal waste, waste wood or many more applications. The heart of the Inventhor Type 6 is Doppstadt’s unique VarioDirect Drive concept which leverages and enhances Doppstadt’s patented gearbox. This combination of mechanical and hydraulic power continuously transfers the driving torque to the shredding system. By doing so, the speed of the shredding shaft can be flexibly adapted to the different material throughput, while the drive is very efficient delivering optimum performance at a constant speed. It is also possible to stop and start the shredding

Click here to see the New Inventhor Type 6 in action, working alongside the AK 560 High-Speed Shredder

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As well as achieving Willshee’s two main goals of increased levels of materials extracted and zero waste to landfill, the plant also provides numerous other benefits. The MRF has allowed Willshee’s to increase their tonnage significantly, which has brought in new contracts to receiver more waste and more business. The high level of automation also dramatically reduces the manpower required for manual picking and QC of final, recyclate outputs. We spoke with Managing Director at Willshee’s, Dean Willshee, who offered his thoughts on the new facility and why he chose to work with Blue: “As a company we are committed to protecting our environment through recycling and sustainable practices. We decided to invest heavily in our quest to achieve zero waste to landfill and we are delighted that this new state of the art facility allows us to do just that. We went through vigorous testing with several suppliers before ultimately choosing to work with Blue. We have a long-standing relationship with Blue Central, with a high element of trust in place between our two companies, so it was a combination of that and the quality of equipment that Blue was able to provide us with. We have bought plants from Blue in the past, and we have future projects in the pipeline, so it’s fair to say that we’ve been very happy with the service that they provide”. The story between Blue and Willshee’s doesn’t end there, with plans commencing for upgrades to a number of their other Depots. With both projects being designed by BlueMAC, the first plant will process 35 tph of MSW and will target both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the final product being baled and wrapped. Whilst the second plant will process 25 tph of waste wood, utilising a Lindner Jupiter 3000 shredder. The shredded wood will again have ferrous and non-ferrous removed before screening to remove fines and oversize. The targeted size wood chip will be used in Willshee’s own Biomass Boiler, further enhancing their green credentials. These orders represent further investments into equipment provided by Blue and strengthens the relationship between the two companies. We look forward to a continued development of Willshee’s recycling capabilities and a very positive partnership into the future.

Established in 1984 by founders Keith and Maria Willshee, Willshee’s is a family run business based in Burton-on-Trent. Starting out with just one lorry and ten skips, the company today boasts a large fleet of modern vehicles, and two state of the art recycling centres. They have grown to become one of the leading waste and recycling companies in the Midlands. Willshee’s were previously processing much of this material at their existing depot in Burton, however they were looking to increase the maximum amount of material that they could recycle for reuse and were also striving towards zero waste to landfill. They manged to secure a new site in Swadlincote and after hearing of the package that was on offer, chose Blue Machinery Central as their new plant provider. Blue is a world leader in the design, planning and installation of materials processing systems, working with clients across the globe to help create the perfect solution for their site, budget, and material. Blue Central supplied Willshee’s with their very first plant back in 2009, followed by a first of its kind, Doppstadt static wood processing plant in 2016. The package provided for Willshee’s included a Spaleck 3D combi screen, several Westeria Air Density Separators, a BRT Hartner Ballistic Separator, and a number of Tomra Autosorts. The new MRF is recycling commercial & industrial waste, processing 40 tonnes per hour which works out to be around 110,000 tonnes a year! The material breakdown consists of 10-70mm hardcore, mixed ferrous metals, segregated nonferrous metals, wood, 70-300mm aggregate and shredded material baled for RDF & SRF, meaning zero waste to landfill.

Blue completes the design and installation of a state-of-the-art MRF for Willshee’s

Blue Machinery Central are proud to announce the completion of a new state- of-the-art MRF (materials recovery facility) for long standing customer, Willshee’s Waste & Recycling. The new facility based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, was designed and installed by Blue. It incorporates the world’s leading technologies and innovations, making it the most automated commercial recycling plant in the UK.

Click here to view the full plant process

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Click here to watch the 1700X processing sand for Brett Aggregates

new 1700X can easily be adapted to a 2-bearing machine in a couple of hours, giving exceptional versatility for a range of applications. As well as increased throughput, the all-new Chieftain 1700X is one of the most fuel-efficient machines available. Powered by a tier 5 compliant CAT 4.4 engine which is supplemented by using the finest components such as new pumps running at 1800rpm, the culmination is a large volume screener using around 10% less fuel. These efficiency advancements coupled with the improved serviceability and access for maintenance make the all new Powerscreen Chieftain 1700X a screener that brings unrivalled efficiencies. Discussing the performance of the new Chieftain 1700X, Area Production and Recycling Manager, Jim Gibb added “We have run a number of Powerscreen Chieftains over the years but this one really is something special. The throughput has noticeably increased and it’s using at least 10-15% less fuel making it more efficient and therefore more sustainable. This combination makes it a valuable asset to our business.”

Brett offers a range of products from patio and driveway paving and safety kerbs, marine dredged and quarried sand and gravel, to specialist concrete for use in construction projects across London and the South East. The scale of their operations means that they process around 5 million tonnes of sand and gravel per year and pour around 1 million cubic metres of concrete. As part of their growth strategy and commitment to sustainability, Brett recently added the first of its kind Powerscreen Chieftain 1700X to their fleet. Built on the success of the original Powerscreen Chieftain 1700 incline screener, the new model has many new features that offer customers increased throughput with significantly improved fuel efficiency. The new design comes with a large 16” x 5” screenbox with the option of a 2 or 3 deck configuration to cater for all application types. One of the new benefits is the patented 4 bearing screen box configuration as standard giving an extremely aggressive box with 17.5% more G force than its predecessor. Moreover, for those preferring a 2-bearing setup, the

First of the new Powerscreen Chieftain 1700X screeners goes to work at Brett Aggregates

We have run a number of Powerscreen Chieftains over the years but this one really is something special. The throughput has noticeably increased and it’s using at least 10-15% less fuel making it more efficient and therefore more sustainable.

The Brett Group, headquartered in Kent, is one of the largest independent suppliers of building materials with over 50 sites across the UK. It is an independent, family-owned business which is over 110 years old and has 700+ employees.

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Mountelm Ltd Located in Carlisle, Mountelm are a well-established, family ran scrap metal merchant. Set up over 70 years ago, they service Carlisle and surrounding areas, specialising in scrap metal collection and skip & vehicle collection. Mountelm operated Fuchs material handlers around 15-20 years ago and recently decided to make the switch back to the blue! The first-time customers of Blue Machinery Scotland purchased a new Fuchs MHL 360F. We caught up with owner, Michael Liddle, to discuss his thoughts on his new MHL 360F and why he decided to make the switch back to Fuchs: “For one reason or another we decided to move away from Fuchs many years ago. However, our last few material handlers have been very unreliable, so we decided to switch back to Fuchs, which in hindsight were a lot more reliable. The MHL 360 is feeding our shear baler in the yard, and we are very impressed with its performance. The fuel consumption is miles ahead the machines we ran previously, and operators cab offers a great deal of comfort. Safety is also a big area where we have seen a significant difference. The Fuchs handler feels a lot more stable, even when moving around the yard. Its also much easier to carry out servicing and daily checks without having to climb on top of the machine”.

Click here to watch the Fuchs MHL 320F dismantling an old bus for Alpha Recovery

Fuchs grabs hold of the North East It’s been all systems go recently for Blue Scotland in the North East of England. They supplied Fuchs material handlers to two new customers, whilst helping another to upgrade their existing model.

Mountelm Ltd

Alpha Recovery Long standing customer of Blue Scotland, Alpha Recovery, replaced their 2015 Fuchs MHL 320 with a brand new MHL 320F. Based just outside Newcastle, Alpha Recovery is the North East’s largest specialised recovery operator with over 36 vehicles covering Northumberland, Tyneside, Wearside, County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire. They use their MHL 320 material handler to strip down old busses and recycle the materials recovered. They also use it on the roadside when they are carrying out recoveries of bulker rollovers, with the material handler being used to reload the materials into the bulker. We spoke to the owner at Alpha Recovery, Michael Burke, to get his thoughts on the MHL 320F and why he decided to upgrade: “Our previous model was almost 6 years old and had run its course for the job we required it to do, so we made the decision to upgrade to the new model. The F series is a superb machine with vast improvements on its predecessor, especially in terms of the operator’s cab being much comfier and user friendly. We love how light the machine is, being 20 tonne, we can get it straight onto the low loader and off it goes to work on the road. The right tool for the job!” Michael went on to speak about how his decision to upgrade to a new Fuchs was down to more than just the machine itself: “We looked at all options on the table when it came to buying a new material handler, however with the experience we’ve had from Blue in the past in terms of servicing and parts supply, I could never look to go anywhere else”.

Northern Metal Recycling

Northern Metal Recycling First time customer of Blue and Fuchs, Northern Metal Recycling was formed in 2019 by company owner Jordan Bell, whose family has been involved in recycling for many years throughout the North East. Northern Metal Recycling are specialists in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and currently provide collection and recycling services for many of the region’s organisations from the engineering and manufacturing sector. Over the course of the last 12 months, Northern Metal Recycling have decided to replace their entire material handler fleet with the Fuchs brand. Taking on an MHL 350F last year, another 350F in May and a new MHL 360F is due to be delivered at the end of June. Jordan Bell at Northern Metal Recycling explains why the company opted to go with Blue Scotland and the Fuchs brand for their fleet: “To continue to grow we invest in only the best equipment available to our industry and that is why we use Blue Group. The machines we use allow us to focus on developing further, safe in the knowledge we have the equipment that won’t let us down. We also opted to go with Blue because of their more cost effective and comprehensive level of back up and support, which is absolutely key when running these types of machines.”

Alpha Recovery

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Blue Spares Invest in their Sales team through ongoing training As an authorised OEM dealer for many key equipment manufacturers, Blue Spares has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to give you the support you need for all your spare parts. The company continues to invest in their sales team through ongoing training across the range of brands in which they support.

The continuous learning and training that the Blue Spares team are undertaking is also being noticed by the customers. Michael Burke at Alpha Recovery, runs a Terex Fuchs material handler and has been highly impressed by the level of knowledge shown by his Blue Spares sales rep: “Andy Shaw, my contact at Blue Spares is excellent! Not only the speed in which he can get the parts delivered, but it is also his product knowledge. If we cannot properly describe a part to him, 9 times out of 10 he’ll manage to work out what we require just by talking over the phone. In my 35 years of experience, he is one of the best parts salesmen that I’ve come across. I wish all the manufacturers I dealt with had an Andy!”. Sales Director at Blue Spares, Chris Thomas, talks about why it’s important to offer continued training to the sales team: “It’s the aim of Blue Spares to offer our valued customer base the best service in the industry to ensure that their machines are ran at optimal capacity. The training of our expert sales team is vitally important to us and something that never ends. To receive this praise is immensely rewarding and reflects the dedication that is invested”.

machine servicing and maintenance as well as more general modules such as finance and marketing.

In the last 12 months the sales team have taken training courses on General Kinematics, Westeria, Fuchs and Powerscreen. The aim of these courses is to strengthen the knowledge of the team for them to be of better help to customers looking for support and advice when ordering spare parts for their machinery. Our end goal is to help to increase productivity for our customer base. The team have most recently been working on the Powerscreen university, which was designed by Powerscreen to give their dealers the very best training available on both their machines and the crushing, screening and recycling industry as a whole. It is a combination of self-taught and trainer-led sessions, with modules which are designed to be building blocks on a never-ending learning journey. OEM accredited training means that Blue Spares can provide the very best customer support for Powerscreen equipment. Topics include explanations of the world- renowned Powerscreen crushing, screening and conveying technologies; machine features and benefits, in-depth applications training; how to ensure optimised machine performance;

Andy Shaw, my contact at Blue Spares is excellent! Not only the speed in which he can get the parts delivered, but it is also his product knowledge.

Barry Donaghy, Parts Technical Support Manager at Powerscreen comments: “Since the recent training for the Blue Spares sales team, the Terex parts technical team have noticed that the type of enquiry now coming through Blue Machinery are the more complex enquiries, indicating that the training was a success in that the Spares team can now answer the normal day to day enquiries, especially on parts identification”.

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KPS kick start their compost season with three new Doppstadt Trommels KPS Composting Services, part of the KPS Group, was established in 2000 to initially help to deal with their own green and wood waste generated by the tree care side of the business.

The company has since grown to become one of the largest specialist composting companies in the UK, accepting material for recycling at their Isfield site in East Sussex, along with providing a nationwide mobile composting service. Their continued growth led to KPS securing planning permission for an extra 25,000 tonnes at their Isfield site, meaning that an increase of material output was required. Blue Machinery Southern were able to provide them with the perfect solution, in the form of two new Doppstadt SM 620 Plus’ and an SM 720 SA Plus. KPS were previously running several Doppstadt trommels which were only getting older. Due to their increased tonnage on site, they needed to introduce the bigger SM 720SA Plus model and refresh their existing fleet of SM 620s. Two of the three new machines are working within a trommel train set up within their yard, whilst one of the SM 620s has gone out on hire. The infeed material is fed into the SM 720 SA Plus which then produces a 10mm product and sends the oversize into the first of two SM 620 trommels. This then produces another 10mm product before sending the oversize to the second SM 620, which is fitted with a windsifter. A 20mm product is created off the side conveyor and the windsifter removes any light contaminants from the oversize material at the end of the train. KPS are seeing several benefits from upgrading to the larger SM 720 SA Plus trommel. The model boasts a large, 7m³ feed hopper and extra-long discharge belts, allowing the machine to be loaded with large wheel loaders for maximum throughput. Its unique automatic and proportional load control ensures optimal utilisation of the capacity of the machine and trouble- free operation. Whilst the machines powerful and economical drive ensures low operating costs and short set-up times.

We spoke to Danny Smyth, Director at KPS, about his thoughts on the industry leading Doppstadt trommels. Danny comments: “Doppstadt offer us a great level of reliability and ease of use, with their design being simple but extremely effective. We love how mobile the machines are, if there is ever a problem you can quickly move it out and continue processing without it interrupting the whole processing line. We have been a long standing Doppstadt and Blue customer and whilst we have looked at and had other machines on demo, we have always thought we were doing it the right way with Doppstadt”. Blue can supply the full range of Doppstadt Trommels, from the SM 518.8 to the SM 720.2 SA, which are all perfectly suited to compost processing. Doppstadt’s tailor-made solutions offer flexible and complete solutions with maximum material breakdown. Get in touch today and find out more on how we help you take your compost processing to the next level.

Click here to watch the Doppstadt compost train in action for KPS

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BlueMAC provide the perfect fines clean up solution for David Ritchie and Sons David Ritchie and Sons are a family business based in Aviemore, specialising in waste management, recycling, skip hire, quarrying, ready mix concrete and scrap metal.

The Bluemac LPS will remove long pieces which have a tendency to ‘pencil’ through screen media, increasing the purity of the heavy and light fractions. The 10mm fines created by the Edge combi-screen flip flow deck will not require further treatment. The motion of the screen coupled with the flexibility of the flipflow mats promotes a self-cleaning action in the bottom deck. The top deck of the screen is fitted with heavy duty rigid screening plates Brian at David Ritchie and Sons Ltd comments: “I would like to thank Alistair Rees at Blue Machinery Scotland for his attention to our requirements and the professional and friendly business relationship we have built over the years. Also, a special thanks goes out to the construction team at BlueMAC for the first-class attention to detail and the long hours of hard work they have put into the build. The early recycling results achieved through the plant have been really impressive”.

The plant in-feed point is a Bluemac 8 cu Hopper, which meters the discharge of material into the processing equipment. An incline conveyor takes the material from the feed point to the screen. There is a cross-band magnet to remove ferrous metals from the material stream. The Edge Combi-screen creates 3 fraction sizes, 10mm fines, 10 - 70mm mids and +70mm overs. The fines discharge into a large capacity bay below the screen, the overs into a side stockpile conveyor and the mid fraction enter a Bluemac 1500 Typhoon which separates by density to create a heavy and light fraction. To deal with the abrasive nature of the in-feed material, the hopper and conveyors have been fitted with impact resistant beds, heavy duty 3 ply belts and fully welded frames. The in-feed belt was fitted with galvanised covers to prevent the material getting blown from the belt. The top of the fines bay was also sealed to avoid the wind blowing dust around the site.

The company first started out in 1958 by David Ritchie who advertised himself and his lorry being available for hire for road haulage transportation. A lot has changed since then, the company now have more than 1000 skips, roll/off containers, and wheelie bins throughout the Scottish Highlands, and continues to grow within the recycling sector. Part of this plan for further growth was the need to maximise the recovery of all smaller waste materials. Managing Director, Brian Ritchie approached the sales representative at Blue Machinery Scotland about cleaning their sub 70mm material. The project was then passed on to the technical sales consultation team at BlueMAC who engaged with Brian to determine the correct process and equipment to maximise throughput and keep within budget. Once the plant requirements were decided, the sales drawing process began. With Blue’s extensive industry knowledge, we were quickly able to present a comprehensive sales model and proposal.

Blue Mail | Issue 2



Times are changing, change your thinking… with Blue’s range of Electric/Hybrid Equipment Electric drives are today’s forward-thinking trend, not only in cars, but in materials processing equipment too. Following the recent announcement from the UK Government, it has been confirmed that from April 2022 they will be

Powerscreen Hybrid Range The Powerscreen Hybrid range has been designed to give customers alternative energy options to operate their range of crushing, screening, and conveying equipment. Their Hybrid Machine range has been dramatically enhanced to include more fully electric crushers and screens as well as models powered by innovative combinations of diesel and electricity. Hybrid machines will be of special interest if you operate in an area where electricity is more cost effective than diesel fuel, where diesel engine noise is unwanted, or on sites where electricity is the preferred energy source. Some of the Powerscreen Hybrid features include: • Diesel Hydraulic – Use diesel when operating in an area where it is more cost effective, or electricity is not available • Dual Power – Run as a standard diesel or connect to an external electricity supply once the machine has been set up • Wheeled Electric – Wheeled models use onboard electric motors to power the hydraulic drives • Transport Engine – Powered by an electric drive with a small onboard diesel engine for tracking or transport • Full Electric – Machines can connect to a mains or genset for full electrically powered operation Two highlights from the Hybrid range are the Premiertrak 420E Jaw Crusher and the 1000E Maxtrak Cone Crusher. Some of the benefits from these include: • Reduced Operating Costs – The ability to use electricity means reduced fuel consumption and operating costs

Blue Machinery Group provide some of world’s leading electric and hybrid materials processing equipment from some of the most reputable brands within our sector. Powerscreen have a range of hybrid crushers, screeners and stackers. Terex Fuchs provide their full range of material handlers in an electric version. Whilst we also supply Doppstadt’s fully electric SM mobile trommel series, as well as their new Methor multipurpose mobile shredder. R.T.D Crawford are currently running a Fuchs MHL 820 at their wood recycling centre. It works 5 days a week, feeding a static shredder. Managing Director, Mark Crawford, offers his thoughts on the handler: ‘’Being in the timber and recycling industry, we deal with a lot of dust and we cannot spray to keep the dust down because of the moisture content of the material. We used to run a diesel-powered material handler, however, this caused us to have a few fires. We then had a good think about it and opted to go for an electric powered handler instead.’’ Mark then goes on to describe some further benefits that the electric machine has over a diesel powered one, ‘’There is no comparison in terms of running cost and servicing costs, the electric machines are by far the cheaper option. We are also seeing a big difference in terms of power on this handler, compared to the diesel one that we used to run. The power never seems to fluctuate, whereas we would sometimes get some inconsistencies with the diesel-powered engines’’. This MHL 820 came with a donkey engine, which allows the customer to move unit whilst disconnected from the power source.

scrapping the lower rate of fuel duty on red diesel, which many operators use to power their machinery. This will likely lead to businesses across the UK facing a significant rise in their fuel purchasing costs. What better time to change out your traditional diesel-powered machine, for a more cost effective, electric/hybrid Powered alternative? Terex Fuchs Electric Material Handlers Terex Fuchs currently offer an electric version of nearly their entire Material Handler range, including the MHL820 (20 tonne machine) right through to their MHL890 (+80 tonne machine). This year they also plan to add the baby of the fleet, the MHL810 which will complete the offering. The extensive use of standard components from the Fuchs range of diesel engine models, ensures that spare parts are widely available for all the electric models. The electric cable lengths and cable reel designs on these machines are adapted to each customer’s specific needs. Machines can be equipped with an internal or external powerpack, to move the machine around the yard for simple plug and play in several locations. Some benefits of the electric version include: low operating and servicing costs, low noise emissions and less dust circulation and heat build-up. Another additional benefit is that the full torque is immediately 100% available when operating, which gives more output than traditional diesel- powered machines.

Doppstadt’s Electric Offering Doppstadt already offer their highly popular SM series trommel and their new Methor multipurpose shredder, in fully electric versions. They also plan to add electric machine offerings to both their high speed and slow speed shredder lines. The SM 518 Flex e-mobile unit has been available for a few years now and has been highly successful in Germany and across Europe. The Methor Shredder which was released last year, is available with either a diesel engine or electric motor. Seen as a multipurpose recycling system, the Methor is unstoppable when; opening bags, dosing, charging, disintegrating, crushing, or cutting. It can handle a wide range of applications, under the most adverse conditions. Blue Group are proud to supply the Powerscreen, Fuchs and Doppstadt brands and we are now excited to be able to offer you their latest electric/hybrid technology as we move into a new age for materials processing equipment. If you are interested in receiving more information on any of the products or brands included in this article, give us a call on 0345 217 8755 or email us on • Application Variety - Suitable in any quarry, mining, sandpit, coal, washing and aggregate processing application without compromising performance • Increased Uptime - Depending on set-up, machine uptime can be increased due to reduced refuelling and engine servicing • Fully Environmentally Friendly - Ideal for areas where environmental, legislative and/or noise constraints are present • Versatile - Powerscreen Hybrid crushers and screens offer customers a choice of power supply depending on access to diesel and electricity

Blue Mail | Issue 2



We’re exhibiting at Lets Recycle Live/Demo Expo and CARS/Metal Recycling Event, which both take place in September 2021. We’d love to see you join us at the first industry events since 2019!

Register for your free ticket here

Register for your free ticket here

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