Bluemail June 2021 (Issue 2)

Mountelm Ltd Located in Carlisle, Mountelm are a well-established, family ran scrap metal merchant. Set up over 70 years ago, they service Carlisle and surrounding areas, specialising in scrap metal collection and skip & vehicle collection. Mountelm operated Fuchs material handlers around 15-20 years ago and recently decided to make the switch back to the blue! The first-time customers of Blue Machinery Scotland purchased a new Fuchs MHL 360F. We caught up with owner, Michael Liddle, to discuss his thoughts on his new MHL 360F and why he decided to make the switch back to Fuchs: “For one reason or another we decided to move away from Fuchs many years ago. However, our last few material handlers have been very unreliable, so we decided to switch back to Fuchs, which in hindsight were a lot more reliable. The MHL 360 is feeding our shear baler in the yard, and we are very impressed with its performance. The fuel consumption is miles ahead the machines we ran previously, and operators cab offers a great deal of comfort. Safety is also a big area where we have seen a significant difference. The Fuchs handler feels a lot more stable, even when moving around the yard. Its also much easier to carry out servicing and daily checks without having to climb on top of the machine”.

Click here to watch the Fuchs MHL 320F dismantling an old bus for Alpha Recovery

Fuchs grabs hold of the North East It’s been all systems go recently for Blue Scotland in the North East of England. They supplied Fuchs material handlers to two new customers, whilst helping another to upgrade their existing model.

Mountelm Ltd

Alpha Recovery Long standing customer of Blue Scotland, Alpha Recovery, replaced their 2015 Fuchs MHL 320 with a brand new MHL 320F. Based just outside Newcastle, Alpha Recovery is the North East’s largest specialised recovery operator with over 36 vehicles covering Northumberland, Tyneside, Wearside, County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire. They use their MHL 320 material handler to strip down old busses and recycle the materials recovered. They also use it on the roadside when they are carrying out recoveries of bulker rollovers, with the material handler being used to reload the materials into the bulker. We spoke to the owner at Alpha Recovery, Michael Burke, to get his thoughts on the MHL 320F and why he decided to upgrade: “Our previous model was almost 6 years old and had run its course for the job we required it to do, so we made the decision to upgrade to the new model. The F series is a superb machine with vast improvements on its predecessor, especially in terms of the operator’s cab being much comfier and user friendly. We love how light the machine is, being 20 tonne, we can get it straight onto the low loader and off it goes to work on the road. The right tool for the job!” Michael went on to speak about how his decision to upgrade to a new Fuchs was down to more than just the machine itself: “We looked at all options on the table when it came to buying a new material handler, however with the experience we’ve had from Blue in the past in terms of servicing and parts supply, I could never look to go anywhere else”.

Northern Metal Recycling

Northern Metal Recycling First time customer of Blue and Fuchs, Northern Metal Recycling was formed in 2019 by company owner Jordan Bell, whose family has been involved in recycling for many years throughout the North East. Northern Metal Recycling are specialists in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and currently provide collection and recycling services for many of the region’s organisations from the engineering and manufacturing sector. Over the course of the last 12 months, Northern Metal Recycling have decided to replace their entire material handler fleet with the Fuchs brand. Taking on an MHL 350F last year, another 350F in May and a new MHL 360F is due to be delivered at the end of June. Jordan Bell at Northern Metal Recycling explains why the company opted to go with Blue Scotland and the Fuchs brand for their fleet: “To continue to grow we invest in only the best equipment available to our industry and that is why we use Blue Group. The machines we use allow us to focus on developing further, safe in the knowledge we have the equipment that won’t let us down. We also opted to go with Blue because of their more cost effective and comprehensive level of back up and support, which is absolutely key when running these types of machines.”

Alpha Recovery

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