Bluemail June 2021 (Issue 2)

KPS kick start their compost season with three new Doppstadt Trommels KPS Composting Services, part of the KPS Group, was established in 2000 to initially help to deal with their own green and wood waste generated by the tree care side of the business.

The company has since grown to become one of the largest specialist composting companies in the UK, accepting material for recycling at their Isfield site in East Sussex, along with providing a nationwide mobile composting service. Their continued growth led to KPS securing planning permission for an extra 25,000 tonnes at their Isfield site, meaning that an increase of material output was required. Blue Machinery Southern were able to provide them with the perfect solution, in the form of two new Doppstadt SM 620 Plus’ and an SM 720 SA Plus. KPS were previously running several Doppstadt trommels which were only getting older. Due to their increased tonnage on site, they needed to introduce the bigger SM 720SA Plus model and refresh their existing fleet of SM 620s. Two of the three new machines are working within a trommel train set up within their yard, whilst one of the SM 620s has gone out on hire. The infeed material is fed into the SM 720 SA Plus which then produces a 10mm product and sends the oversize into the first of two SM 620 trommels. This then produces another 10mm product before sending the oversize to the second SM 620, which is fitted with a windsifter. A 20mm product is created off the side conveyor and the windsifter removes any light contaminants from the oversize material at the end of the train. KPS are seeing several benefits from upgrading to the larger SM 720 SA Plus trommel. The model boasts a large, 7m³ feed hopper and extra-long discharge belts, allowing the machine to be loaded with large wheel loaders for maximum throughput. Its unique automatic and proportional load control ensures optimal utilisation of the capacity of the machine and trouble- free operation. Whilst the machines powerful and economical drive ensures low operating costs and short set-up times.

We spoke to Danny Smyth, Director at KPS, about his thoughts on the industry leading Doppstadt trommels. Danny comments: “Doppstadt offer us a great level of reliability and ease of use, with their design being simple but extremely effective. We love how mobile the machines are, if there is ever a problem you can quickly move it out and continue processing without it interrupting the whole processing line. We have been a long standing Doppstadt and Blue customer and whilst we have looked at and had other machines on demo, we have always thought we were doing it the right way with Doppstadt”. Blue can supply the full range of Doppstadt Trommels, from the SM 518.8 to the SM 720.2 SA, which are all perfectly suited to compost processing. Doppstadt’s tailor-made solutions offer flexible and complete solutions with maximum material breakdown. Get in touch today and find out more on how we help you take your compost processing to the next level.

Click here to watch the Doppstadt compost train in action for KPS

Blue Mail | Issue 2



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