Bluemail June 2021 (Issue 2)

BlueMAC provide the perfect fines clean up solution for David Ritchie and Sons David Ritchie and Sons are a family business based in Aviemore, specialising in waste management, recycling, skip hire, quarrying, ready mix concrete and scrap metal.

The Bluemac LPS will remove long pieces which have a tendency to ‘pencil’ through screen media, increasing the purity of the heavy and light fractions. The 10mm fines created by the Edge combi-screen flip flow deck will not require further treatment. The motion of the screen coupled with the flexibility of the flipflow mats promotes a self-cleaning action in the bottom deck. The top deck of the screen is fitted with heavy duty rigid screening plates Brian at David Ritchie and Sons Ltd comments: “I would like to thank Alistair Rees at Blue Machinery Scotland for his attention to our requirements and the professional and friendly business relationship we have built over the years. Also, a special thanks goes out to the construction team at BlueMAC for the first-class attention to detail and the long hours of hard work they have put into the build. The early recycling results achieved through the plant have been really impressive”.

The plant in-feed point is a Bluemac 8 cu Hopper, which meters the discharge of material into the processing equipment. An incline conveyor takes the material from the feed point to the screen. There is a cross-band magnet to remove ferrous metals from the material stream. The Edge Combi-screen creates 3 fraction sizes, 10mm fines, 10 - 70mm mids and +70mm overs. The fines discharge into a large capacity bay below the screen, the overs into a side stockpile conveyor and the mid fraction enter a Bluemac 1500 Typhoon which separates by density to create a heavy and light fraction. To deal with the abrasive nature of the in-feed material, the hopper and conveyors have been fitted with impact resistant beds, heavy duty 3 ply belts and fully welded frames. The in-feed belt was fitted with galvanised covers to prevent the material getting blown from the belt. The top of the fines bay was also sealed to avoid the wind blowing dust around the site.

The company first started out in 1958 by David Ritchie who advertised himself and his lorry being available for hire for road haulage transportation. A lot has changed since then, the company now have more than 1000 skips, roll/off containers, and wheelie bins throughout the Scottish Highlands, and continues to grow within the recycling sector. Part of this plan for further growth was the need to maximise the recovery of all smaller waste materials. Managing Director, Brian Ritchie approached the sales representative at Blue Machinery Scotland about cleaning their sub 70mm material. The project was then passed on to the technical sales consultation team at BlueMAC who engaged with Brian to determine the correct process and equipment to maximise throughput and keep within budget. Once the plant requirements were decided, the sales drawing process began. With Blue’s extensive industry knowledge, we were quickly able to present a comprehensive sales model and proposal.

Blue Mail | Issue 2



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