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Times are changing, change your thinking… with Blue’s range of Electric/Hybrid Equipment Electric drives are today’s forward-thinking trend, not only in cars, but in materials processing equipment too. Following the recent announcement from the UK Government, it has been confirmed that from April 2022 they will be

Powerscreen Hybrid Range The Powerscreen Hybrid range has been designed to give customers alternative energy options to operate their range of crushing, screening, and conveying equipment. Their Hybrid Machine range has been dramatically enhanced to include more fully electric crushers and screens as well as models powered by innovative combinations of diesel and electricity. Hybrid machines will be of special interest if you operate in an area where electricity is more cost effective than diesel fuel, where diesel engine noise is unwanted, or on sites where electricity is the preferred energy source. Some of the Powerscreen Hybrid features include: • Diesel Hydraulic – Use diesel when operating in an area where it is more cost effective, or electricity is not available • Dual Power – Run as a standard diesel or connect to an external electricity supply once the machine has been set up • Wheeled Electric – Wheeled models use onboard electric motors to power the hydraulic drives • Transport Engine – Powered by an electric drive with a small onboard diesel engine for tracking or transport • Full Electric – Machines can connect to a mains or genset for full electrically powered operation Two highlights from the Hybrid range are the Premiertrak 420E Jaw Crusher and the 1000E Maxtrak Cone Crusher. Some of the benefits from these include: • Reduced Operating Costs – The ability to use electricity means reduced fuel consumption and operating costs

Blue Machinery Group provide some of world’s leading electric and hybrid materials processing equipment from some of the most reputable brands within our sector. Powerscreen have a range of hybrid crushers, screeners and stackers. Terex Fuchs provide their full range of material handlers in an electric version. Whilst we also supply Doppstadt’s fully electric SM mobile trommel series, as well as their new Methor multipurpose mobile shredder. R.T.D Crawford are currently running a Fuchs MHL 820 at their wood recycling centre. It works 5 days a week, feeding a static shredder. Managing Director, Mark Crawford, offers his thoughts on the handler: ‘’Being in the timber and recycling industry, we deal with a lot of dust and we cannot spray to keep the dust down because of the moisture content of the material. We used to run a diesel-powered material handler, however, this caused us to have a few fires. We then had a good think about it and opted to go for an electric powered handler instead.’’ Mark then goes on to describe some further benefits that the electric machine has over a diesel powered one, ‘’There is no comparison in terms of running cost and servicing costs, the electric machines are by far the cheaper option. We are also seeing a big difference in terms of power on this handler, compared to the diesel one that we used to run. The power never seems to fluctuate, whereas we would sometimes get some inconsistencies with the diesel-powered engines’’. This MHL 820 came with a donkey engine, which allows the customer to move unit whilst disconnected from the power source.

scrapping the lower rate of fuel duty on red diesel, which many operators use to power their machinery. This will likely lead to businesses across the UK facing a significant rise in their fuel purchasing costs. What better time to change out your traditional diesel-powered machine, for a more cost effective, electric/hybrid Powered alternative? Terex Fuchs Electric Material Handlers Terex Fuchs currently offer an electric version of nearly their entire Material Handler range, including the MHL820 (20 tonne machine) right through to their MHL890 (+80 tonne machine). This year they also plan to add the baby of the fleet, the MHL810 which will complete the offering. The extensive use of standard components from the Fuchs range of diesel engine models, ensures that spare parts are widely available for all the electric models. The electric cable lengths and cable reel designs on these machines are adapted to each customer’s specific needs. Machines can be equipped with an internal or external powerpack, to move the machine around the yard for simple plug and play in several locations. Some benefits of the electric version include: low operating and servicing costs, low noise emissions and less dust circulation and heat build-up. Another additional benefit is that the full torque is immediately 100% available when operating, which gives more output than traditional diesel- powered machines.

Doppstadt’s Electric Offering Doppstadt already offer their highly popular SM series trommel and their new Methor multipurpose shredder, in fully electric versions. They also plan to add electric machine offerings to both their high speed and slow speed shredder lines. The SM 518 Flex e-mobile unit has been available for a few years now and has been highly successful in Germany and across Europe. The Methor Shredder which was released last year, is available with either a diesel engine or electric motor. Seen as a multipurpose recycling system, the Methor is unstoppable when; opening bags, dosing, charging, disintegrating, crushing, or cutting. It can handle a wide range of applications, under the most adverse conditions. Blue Group are proud to supply the Powerscreen, Fuchs and Doppstadt brands and we are now excited to be able to offer you their latest electric/hybrid technology as we move into a new age for materials processing equipment. If you are interested in receiving more information on any of the products or brands included in this article, give us a call on 0345 217 8755 or email us on • Application Variety - Suitable in any quarry, mining, sandpit, coal, washing and aggregate processing application without compromising performance • Increased Uptime - Depending on set-up, machine uptime can be increased due to reduced refuelling and engine servicing • Fully Environmentally Friendly - Ideal for areas where environmental, legislative and/or noise constraints are present • Versatile - Powerscreen Hybrid crushers and screens offer customers a choice of power supply depending on access to diesel and electricity

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