Policy News Journal - 2014-15

This strategy makes clear (in a way that the previous strategy didn’t) that it is the intention that all tax customers or rather citizens will have their own digital tax account by 2018 either directly or by assisted digital.

Finally, and looking beyond 2018, HMRC foresee the day when transformation will mean that:

 Most interaction with customers will be automated through digital self-service, and  Dealing with HMRC through personalised, multi-channel digital services is the norm for the majority of customers.

Move of HMRC guidance to GOV.UK

20 November 2014

Over the last few months we have discussed the transfer of HMRC guidance to GOV.UK and we share the concerns of members about the difficulties this brings.

Whilst we would urge you to provide feedback to GOV.UK using the comment box present on each web page, we would also like to encourage you to email policy to tell us about any specific concerns you have, whether there is any guidance you feel is missing, or whether there are elements you feel are incorrect. We are very grateful for any help you can give us in this area.

International personal tax guidance moving to GOV.UK

24 November 2014

HMRC have confirmed that Personal Tax International guidance will move to GOV.UK on 1 December 2014. We understand that this guidance covers tax and national insurance contributions of foreign employees working in the UK and compliance relating to residence and domicile.

HMRC web guidance for agents moving to GOV.UK

1 December 2014

HMRC have confirmed that they are now preparing to move their web guidance for agents to GOV.UK.

The announcement indicates that this material will move before the end of December. It also explains that guidance for agents (presumably including payroll agents and bureaux) will transition “as is”, and that it will include a new specialist browse area. CIPP comment Do not forget to send your views on this content to policy as well as any feedback you send direct to GOV.UK. This announcement suggests that the GOV.UK offering for agents (and this should include payroll agents and bureaux too) is specially designed to suit their needs, and it will be important to check that this happens as indicated.

HMRC homepage now redirected to GOV.UK

17 December 2014

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