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including this very option.

Look out for a survey on this! The Policy team will be issuing one shortly to gather your thoughts on the two options - PAYE model and apprenticeship credit - to feed into the CIPP’s consultation response.

Our response to the initial consultation can be accessed through the link below.

CIPP response to apprenticeship funding consultation - September 2013

Apprenticeship funding reform – technical consultation survey

25 March 2014

Please spare 20 minutes to provide your thoughts on the two funding models proposed for Apprenticeships.

As you will be aware the government is keen to increase the number of apprenticeships and not just for the lower grade qualifications i.e. 2/3 but right up to Master’s level. The government has confirmed responsibility for funding will pass to the employer. HMRC will be responsible for delivering the funding payments. There are two models in the consultation document :

Model 1 – through the PAYE system and real time reporting submissions; Employment Payment Summary (EPS)

Model 2 – direct credit model.

The CIPP, AAT and the CIPD are jointly surveying our respective memberships and professions. We would therefore be grateful if you could read the consultation document and spare 20 minutes of your time to complete this important survey . The survey will close at midnight, Friday 11 April 2014. This is to allow the membership bodies to submit a formal written response by the shorter than normal consultation deadline of 1 May 2014. Thank you in advance for sharing your views.

More apprentices progress into Higher Education

15 May 2014

More apprentices are progressing into Higher Education following their apprenticeship.

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) has reported that more apprentices are progressing into Higher Education following their apprenticeship.

The Skills and Enterprise Minister has research which shows that overall, almost 20% of advanced apprentices moved onto Higher Education following the completion of their apprenticeship. This is an increase from 15% the previous year. Cohorts of apprentices have been tracked for 7 years since 2005/2006 and there have been more than 32,000 people that have made the progression in total.

Skills and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock said:

“This research shows the opportunities available to apprentices are vast and apprenticeships can help people progress into the next stage of learning to help boost their prospects of getting a rewarding career.

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