Policy News Journal - 2014-15

The CIPP is working with a number of credit unions and other similar organisations to see how employees can not only obtain lower cost loans but also help them save for the short and medium term. The pension reforms, for example automatic enrolment, will help employees save for their retirement but often people have other projects they require savings for now. Research shows that when savings or deductions are made from payroll, employees find it much easier to manage their budgets; this is where the payroll industry can help. To aid the CIPP’s understanding, the policy team would like to hear from anyone who currently operates a payroll saving scheme, or is considering one, whether a credit union, other body or even in-house, to obtain information about the pros and cons for payroll.

Please can you spare 10 minutes of your time to complete this short survey . Closing date for responses is 30 June 2014.

New survey into automatic enrolment

22 July 2014

The CIPP and Payroll World magazine are conducting joint research into automatic enrolment and the lessons that can be learned.

The purpose of this survey is to understand the difficulties faced by employers who have staged, to better enable small and medium businesses to understand and prepare for their obligations. The CIPP and Payroll World thank you for your time in completing this survey . The survey will close on 18 August 2014. Only employers/providers who have staged or have clients that have staged should complete this survey .

CIPP research shows payroll departments are helping their employees to save

13 August 2014

The CIPP has issued a report on its research into “saving through payroll” schemes offered by employers to help their employees save for that rainy day. We are most grateful to those members who contributed to this research. The Press Release accompanying the Research Report explains that a sizeable proportion of those employers contributing to the research are currently offering a “saving through payroll” scheme, mainly through credit unions.

CIPP - Saving through payroll webcast

14 August 2014

To support the CIPP’s research paper published on 12 August 2014, a webcast has now been published.

The webcast offers further insight to the work carried out so far by the CIPP to support saving through payroll. You can view the webcast here .

Tell us about the CIPP support for global payroll providers

22 October 2014

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