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“Spring Showers” Did Not Disappoint

WOW!!! We have had the rainiest spring in history. I don’t know about you, but I have stayed inside sitting for way too long. With the weather finally looking like it is changing, wewill be getting outside a lot more. The flower beds are calling, pruning andweeding, mowing and edging. Replacing and repainting as the rain has taken its toll. Maybe yard work isn’t your thing. I know it isn’t mine. I long for the golf course. (I don’t get to play, but I long for it). I play about 3 times a year right now, but days like these make me want to pull out the clubs. My kids keepme so busy. Sophie and Brinkley are dancing non stop. The recital has passed but they are traveling all summer. Sophie gets a week in LA. She was chosen as part of the Beat Squad. What is this you ask? I don’t know either, but my wife said it is a HUGE deal. Foster is playing baseball. We spent 8 hours at the ball

field last weekend. What a day. It was great. Stone is done with school lacrosse, but he is already practicing for summer league. We get to go to Indianapolis, Nashville and Atlanta. Those are a ton of fun. Man, I wish there was lacrosse in Mississippi in the 90’s. I would’ve been all over that. We don’t have soccer players anymore, but some of you do. You will be spending a lot of time at the soccer fields. Remember, please remember, to put on your sunscreen. It is still cool but this is when we burn the most. Pleasant, sunny weather with mild breeze is prime burn season.

Have a great spring! Jeremy


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