3 Easy Steps To Healthy Knees

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“ Discover How You Can Quickly Gain Pain Relief Guaranteed To Get You Back On Track With Your Active Goals! ” 3 Easy Steps To Healthy Knees

For many people, knee pain can be a way of life, limiting their ability to climb stairs, squat down to get something off the floor, enjoy long walks, shopping and a host of other daily activities. The knee joint is one of the most complicated joints in the body and has to bear up to 6 times your body weight with running or jumping. This incredible joint has to move over a million times each year and over 80 million times over a lifetime. This is also the reason why things can go wrong, causing injury and pain.

Just like taking care of your heart, your joints need attention to maintain a healthy state. Here are easy ways for you to take care of your knees, avoiding arthritis and other joint problems: 1. Stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps and adductor muscles each day. By keeping these muscles flexible, the forces on your knee joints can be balanced, allowing your joint to bend, rotate and for your patella (kneecap) to track properly. (continued inside)

Inside: • Improving SPORTS Performance

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Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


“After Experiencing Constant Pain InMy Knees, I Decided ToDo SomethingAbout It!”

3 Easy Steps To Healthy Knees

“Knee osteoarthritis? Surgery doesn’t have to be your only option for meniscus tears. Gettingphysical therapy first helps 60-70%of kneeOApatients avoid surgery .” -KatzJN,BrophyRH,ChaissonCE,etal.Surgeryversusphysicaltherapy forameniscaltearandosteoarthritis.NEnglJ.Med.2013 Having a regular physical therapy checkup ensures that your joints are working at their peak performance. In addition, any problems will be discovered early, preventing the onset of arthritis and joint injury. If you do have arthritis or have had surgery, then a regular physical therapy check up is especially important. If your attention is on that sore knee, then it is time you called us for a free knee joint analysis. Talk to one of our expert physical therapists today and see how life can be with freely moving knees. 2. Keep the muscles around your hips and knees strong. Especially the gluteals and quadriceps muscles. Studies show that those adults, especially over 55 who have stronger gluteals and quadriceps, tend to have less back pain and more ability to do daily activities. 3. Exercise regularly. While this is good for the whole body, the knees especially need exercise to keep their cartilage healthy. The cartilage does not have much blood supply and requires its nutrition from joint fluid. Most of the joint fluid absorbs into the cartilage only through movement and compression of the knee. Therefore, it is important to do weight bearing exercise such as walking, running and other sports. However, if you have arthritis, it is advised to do less impact activities such as biking, elliptical machines, aquatic exercises, etc.

Look inside to learn more about our programs and say good-bye to that nagging knee pain and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle!

I can run long distance! Outstanding Patient Results

Staff Spotlight

NICKY OWENS PT, DPT Physical Therapist

“After starting Physical Therapy, I can now run long distance without having major pain in my knee or hip. I can also do simple tasks around the house and play soccer without any painholdingmeback. ThanksKinect Physical Therapy.” - MacKenzie K.

Nicky Owens is native to Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and International Business. While taking prerequisite courses for physical therapy school after ASU, she began working as a PT technician for Kinect Physical Therapy at the Chandler location for about 3 years. She then went onto Physical Therapy school at University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in the sunny San Marcos, CA. She graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in December 2015 with high honors. In her spare time, Nicky likes to be outdoors, hiking, going to Sedona and anywhere where there’s a beautiful view of the city. She grew up as a gymnast and cheerleader, is a big sports fan, basketball and football especially, and loves going to games. She also likes to just be a home-body and relax by the pool when it’s not scorching hot outside. She loves comedies and cartoons as it reminds her not to take life too seriously, to always have fun in life, and to be happy with what you’re doing.

“After coming to Kinect PT I can walk better and my balancehas improved. The staff is good and gentle. I love their personalities.” - Robert F. My balance has improved!


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Hosted by Rick Berry, PT, DPT MARCH 18TH • 10AM-12PM 1118 N. Recker Rd., Suite 109 Mesa, AZ 85205

This FREE Workshop Is For You If: • You’ve missed work due to sciatica or back pain • You’ve missed out on family vacation or activities you love because you’re afraid of aggravating your sciatica

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REGISTER NOW! Call 480.630.1541 Space is limited so don’t wait! Hear What Our Patient Had To Say About Their Experience With Rick Berry! “After seeing Rick Berry at Kinect PT, I no longer have any pain in my back. I am able to sit with no pain and I can stand on one leg with no problems!” - L. Hayes

“Don’t Let Pain Sideline You!”

Sports Performance I M P R O V I N G

Joint Stability Improve your sports ability through joint stability. When a joint is more stable, muscles can function better. For knees, ankles and hips try balance exercises on uneven surfaces such as foam or a folded towel. Try standing on one leg while doing small knee bends. Joint Flexibility Joints need to be flexible in order to move through their proper range and allow muscles to pull correctly. For many people who are runners, stretching must be done every day to maintain muscle and tissue elasticity. Dynamic stretching is often best, where the stretch is done in a moving fashion, such as in Yoga. This is different than a prolonged stretch.

Joint Strength Incorporate strengthening exercises into your sports routines. This is especially important for runners and weekend warriors. A little strengthening exercising can go a long way to prevent sports injuries and soreness. The stronger your muscles are around your joints, the better ability you have to play and avoid injury. Joint Coordination You have an inherent sense of where your joints are in space (proprioception) and how they are moving in space (kinesthetic sense). This allows your brain to coordinate the muscle movements around your joints. By improving your balance and coordination with specific exercises, you greatly reduce the chance of injury and will enhance your sports performance.

If you would like to enhance your ability to run, play sports and prevent injury, then talk to one of our physical therapy specialists today.


Why You Need To Come In For A FREE Check-Up: � Move without pain Think Kinect FIRST: Giving The Gift Of Health

Our Therapy Services

• Low Back Pain • Cervical Pain • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Herniated/Bulging Disc • SI/Pelvic Pain • Arthritis • Sprains and Strains • Fractures

• Tennis Elbow • Rotator Cuff Injuries • Impingement Syndrome

� Sit for long periods comfortably

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• Balance Disorders • Difficulty Walking • Deconditioning • Muscle Weakness • Vertigo • And Many More!

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We are your therapists for life! We want you to stay healthy so all your check ups with us are FREE. Just call our clinic and schedule.


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“Why Should You Have to Miss Out On Activity Because Of Your Knee Pain!”

Simple Exercises To Strengthen The Knees

QUAD STRETCH The quad stretch is a tremendous bang for your buck move that can be done just about anywhere. Got a chair? Good you can do this exercise. The beauty in this stretch is that it hits the front of the foot, ankles, shins, quads and knees. How it’s done: Sit on a standard chair sideways with your right side facing out and feet flat on the floor. Balance on the chair on your left buttock so that your right leg is outside of the chair leg. Hold the back of the chair with your left hand. Bend your right leg and grab onto your ankle with your right hand. Pull your heel back toward your butt, until your knee is pointed down at the floor. Hold the stretch for 10 to 20 seconds, then repeat on the other side. KNEE EXTENSION STRETCH Assessing and treating loss of knee extension range of motion is an important component of rehabilitation following any knee surgery or injury. There are many ways to treat loss of range of motion in the knee, however, proper assessment of range of motion is even more important. Allowing gentle, frequent, and progressive load to the knee is usually more tolerable for the person, especially those that are sore or guarded in their movements. How it’s done: While sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground. Hold for 30 seconds. Alternate legs and repeat 5 times.



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