Kelly Law March 2018


When a Law Firm Performs Like a TEAM The Power of Real Teamwork


s March arrives, spring sports kick into high gear. For my 11-year old son, it’s all about baseball. He can’t wait to step into the batter’s box and swing for the fences. In previous years, I’ve been an assistant coach on his team, but as he’s moved up through the age groups, it’s gotten a little too serious for me to offer any real help because I’m real bad. Still, I’m proud of him as he rounds the bases, giving the sport his all and working seamlessly with the team. It’s clear to me that in the six years he’s been playing baseball, he’s learned some invaluable lessons that will serve him well in life. One thing I learned from my days as an assistant coach is that teamwork doesn’t happen overnight. At the beginning of the season, the entire team is in shambles — this was especially true when my son was a little tyke playing T-ball. The second baseman is staring off into the distance as a ground ball rolls past. When he finally manages to scoop it up, his teammates aren’t ready and alert to catch his throw. As a result, what should be an easy out turns into a home run for the opposition.

1 Teamwork is as central to our law practice as it is to a baseball team. While there will always be a specific attorney or paralegal on our team who focuses on your case, our clients receive the expertise and attention of every lawyer and paralegal in the office, no matter how big or small their case may be. Many firms keep their attorneys in their own lanes with a competitive and stringent atmosphere, but at Kelly Law, creativity and collaboration are vital parts of our day-to-day operations. As a result, our clients benefit from a variety of perspectives, ensuring every legal strategy is examined and no stone is left unturned. While my days filling the Gatorade jugs for my son’s team may be over, I still find myself looking for coachable moments. As someone who works closely with a team every day, I’ve learned that teamwork is critical for true success. Anyone can hit a ball or try a case with enough training, but it takes a community of individuals operating like a well-oiled machine to achieve serious results. As I watch my son out on the field, pitching and swinging his bat, I can tell he’s getting a head start on learning that lesson. But by the end of the season, the best teams operate as a single unit. Everyone is striving toward the same goal, celebrating each other’s successes and learning from their failures. Soon enough, they’re no longer picking grass in the outfield and chasing butterflies; they’re winning and singing elaborate chants in the dugout.

–Michael Massucci



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