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Now Offering LSVT At Our Clinic

LSVTBIG is an intensive amplitude focused Physical and Occupational Therapy approach that is effective for Parkinson’s specific patients. This program uses a standardized treatment protocol incorporating the patient’s goals for both gross motor as well as fine motor into each session. Patients that have been through this program have improved their gait, balance, writing skills, and daily activities including dressing, bed mobility and bathing to name a few. We now have three of our staff members certified in LSVT BIG. Jon DeBord, a Physical Therapist became

certified in January of 2020 and has been seeing great responses from this programwith his patients. In February of 2020, Ashley Egan; Occupational Therapist and Hannah Bridgewater; Physical Therapy Assistant became certified in LSVTBIG as well. With these threemembers of our teamputting their heads together with our Parkinson’s patients, we are able to see really great results.


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