DP Felt 700 IMO Underlayment - IMO Certificate

Certificate No: MEDD000003W Revision No: 4


Application of: Directive 2014/90/EU of 23 July 2014 on marine equipment (MED), issued as "Forskrift om Skipsutstyr" by the Norwegian Maritime Authority. This Certificate is issued by DNV GL AS under the authority of the Government of Norway.

This is to certify: That the Quality System for the products

with type designation(s) as specified in the Appendix to this Certificate

Issued to Radici Pietro Industries & Brands S.p.A. Cazzano Sant'Andrea BG , Italy

is found to comply with the applicable requirements. The quality system has been assessed with respect to the procedure of conformity assessment described in Annex II, Module D in the directive 2014/90/EU and regulation (EU) 2018/773.

 ... This Certificate is valid until 2022-10-08 .

 Issued at Høvik on 2019-06-12


DNV GL local station: Milan

Approval Engineer: Marcin Tobiasz

Roald Vårheim Head of Notified Body

Notified Body No.: 0575

The manufacturer is allowed to affix the U.S. Coast Guard approval number(s) as stated in the appendix attached hereto and as allowed by the "Agreement between the United States of America and the EEA EFTA states on the mutual recognition of Certificates of Conformity for Marine Equipment" signed 17 October 2005.

0575: yyyy:

Notified Body number undertaking quality surveillance The year in which the mark is affixed


The product liability rests with the manufacturer or his representative in accordance with Directive 2014/90/EU. This certificate authorizes the manufacturer in conjunction with the valid EC Type Examination (Module B) Certificate(s) of the equipment listed before to affix the Mark of Conformity (wheelmark) to the product described herein. This certificate loses its validity if the manufacturer makes any changes to the approved quality system which have not been notified to and agreed with the notified body named on this certificate. This certificate remains valid unless suspended, withdrawn, recalled or cancelled. The Manufacturer has to apply for periodical audits to verify the maintenance and application fo the quality system every 12 months.

Form code: MED 211.NOR

Revision: 2017-07


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