Summer 2020 Farm Machinery & Land Auctions

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. Even with all of the uncertainty in the world, auction prices of both farm equipment and farm land continues to remain strong. We are looking forward to the 36 auctions highlighted in this book. As always, every itemwill sell with no reserve to the highest bidder. Feel free to reach out to the owners and auction managers with questions. Thank you for your interest. If you're considering an auction, we can help! It's never too early to start planning an auction. We are currently booking post-harvest auctions for November & December 2020 and beyond. We pride ourselves in being a full-service auction company that takes care of the entire process fromA to Z. Whether you have one item or an entire fleet, one acre or 10,000, we have a team of professionals that work to make your event a success. Feel free to call or email anytime to learn more. (844) 847-2161

Thank you to all our buyers and sellers for your support and understanding over the last few months. Since the COVID crisis escalated in mid-March, Sullivan Auctioneers has been conducting all auctions in online-only formats. Online auctions are nothing new to our business - we have used online bidding for nearly 20 years, but the move to an online-only format was a change for us. We are grateful we had the experience and groundwork in place to make it a smooth transition, and we have been humbled by the number of buyers and sellers who trusted us during these uncertain times. Our recent online auctions have not only met, but in many cases, exceeded market expectations. And, while we look forward to resuming onsite auctions, we will continue to make safety and continuity to our buyers, sellers, and employees a top priority. We understand that the products we sell support your livelihood. Thank you for trusting us.

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