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INTRODUCING THE MYSEKO HOMEPAGE Short supporting statement here Gent ommolup tatemquas dios utemqui andaecu ptatur ape eatiuntust et latur.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 2


Logging into the site you will be brought to the MySEKO Homepage . Standard users will have complete access to the following modules displayed: 1. Shipment Calendar 2. Management Dashboard

3. Shipment Module 4. Reporting Module 5. Global Search 6. Settings







Quoting can be setup for Domestic shipments by contacting your local SEKO Representative and SEKO’s 24/7/365 Corporate Domestic Support team : .

All other modules such as PO Management , Warehouse Management and Transportation Management are custom modules, developed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your local SEKO Sales Representative and SEKO IT Solution Sales , at .

Corporate Domestic Support

days a year

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Action Items on the left side of the screen remain static as the user navigates throughout the site and include the Home Screen , Favorite Five , Global Search bar, and the New Entry icon.

THE FAVORITE FIVE The Favorite Five feature highlights the site’s intuitiveness, monitoring the pages each user frequents most and populates the list based off this usage.

The user can also customize the Favorite Five by clicking into a different module and then hovering back over the Favorite Five icon where a 5+ icon will then be available to pin the new page to the list.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 4

GLOBAL SEARCH This feature allows users to search for any search term related to a shipment, whether it be the tracking number or any other reference item listed on a shipment such as Purchase Order , Sales Order , etc.

Simply navigate to the Search field located on the menu items at the left-hand side of the page, or located on the upper right-hand side of any landing screen a user may search using the Search field provided.

BOOK A NORTH AMERICAN SHIPMENT (DOMESTIC) There are two ways to create a Domestic Shipment in MySEKO Harmony : 1. Navigate to the menu item bar on the left-hand side of the web page and hover your mouse over the ( + ) icon.

If your username is setup to create shipments, you will see the option to “ Add Shipment .”

2. Click on the “ Shipments ” module from the MySEKO Harmony Home Page . You will see a Live Shipment Tracking grid. Click on the “ New Entry ” tab provided.

Both options will bring you to the Order Console page. This is where Shipment Entry begins.

Step One - Create Account Select “ Create ” under “ Customer Account Information .”

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 5

Step 2 - Account Information Enter in Shipper and Consignee information, including Address and Contact personnel (all other fields are optional).

Step 3 - Billing Values Make changes to Billing Value details (if required). These include drop downs for Billing Terms , COD information and Liability Coverage / Value . If no modifications are needed, move down to Step 4 .

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 6

Step 4 - Service Levels, Dates/Times and Reference Numbers A drop down will be provided with all options for Service Level types. Select a Service Level from the drop down. Shipped Date will default to the day you are creating the shipment. If creating a shipment in advance, select the Shipped Date / Estimated Delivery Date drop downs and calendars will appear – select the appropriate date. Modify Ready and Close time if required. Enter in any required Reference Numbers you would like to be listed on the Shipment. Any required reference items can be listed in the “ Reference Numbers ” field provided. Separate each Reference with a semi-colon (;) and a space; the system will recognize each value as a unique identifier for that shipment.

Step 5 - Price Detail Entry If a Product Catalogue has not been uploaded per your request (this is something SEKO IT can accommodate with. Contact Ashley Sweeney [ ] for further detail), manually input all fields provided (NMFC, Class, Serial and DG goods not required if shipping standard [non-HAZMAT]). Additional Line Items will appear as you tab across the fields.

Step 6 - Accessorials Select any Accessorial Services you require by checking the boxes provided next to your required Accessorial Service . If none are required, skip this step (an excerpt of Accessorial services is captured below – this is not SEKO’s full service offering).

Step 7 - Shipment Information Fields are provided for any Pickup and Delivery instructions, as well as a Shipment Description . These are not required fields.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 7


Step 1 - Shipment Hover your mouse over the ( + ) icon located on the left- hand side of the MySEKO Harmony home page. Click to select “ Shipment .”

This will direct you to the Order Console page, where you’ll see your account details under “ Customer Account Information .” Select “ Create .”

Step 2 - Shipper and Consignee Enter Shipper and Consignee information, either by selecting an address from the Address Book drop-down, or by manually entering in your Shipper and Consignee detail. There are also spaces for “ Contact ” person at each location.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 8

Step 3 - Pickup Address and Notify Party Should this shipment have a Pickup Address and/or Notify Party included, spaces are provided for each. Simply check the box indicating “ Pickup Requested ” and ensure an address is entered in the spaces provided. Should the Notify Party by “ Same As Consignee ,” check the box provided indicating such. If not, but there is still a Notify Party to include, fill in the spaces provided with Notify Party detail.

Step 4 - Billing Party Billing Party information. Select from the drop down one of three options: Shipper , Consignee or Third Party . Should “ Third Party ” be selected, billing details will be required; simply select from the Address Book or enter a new Billing Party (spaces for entry will appear once “ Third Party ” is selected.

Step 5 - Shipping Information Drop-downs and spaces are provided for each user to enter Shipping modes and Services Levels , INCO Term information, Goods Description and Liability / Goods Values , as well as identify whether or not there are any Dangerous Goods / HAZMAT materials being shipped. If HAZMAT materials are included on the shipment, check the box provided and enter in a DG Contact Name . Users will indicate on the line-item level the details of the hazardous materials.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 9

Step 6 Calendar drop-downs are available for the user to identify the ETD, ETA, Pickup Date, Pickup Ready and Close times. Simply click on the arrows provided and a Calendar will appear, or use the arrow keys to adjust the time shown (users may also manually enter in Dates and Pickup Ready / Close times). Users can include whichever References they wish to maintain on the order ( PO, SO, etc.); simply separate each Reference ID with a semi-colon or a comma. Key in any additional Instructions in the space provided, as needed.

Step 7 Piece Detail Entry . Toggle between Metric and English System to modify dimension types. Key in Pieces , Tariff Code (if included), Commodity type ( General or HAZMAT ), Dimensions , Country of Manufacture and line item Description . If HAZMAT , a lookup will appear, allowing the user to select from an online database of UN Numbers / Proper Shipping Names . Select the appropriate option. Below the line item detail are spaces available to identify Quantity being shipped (i.e. if shipping ONE Container [pictured below] with two line items); enter in a number and Container Type (drop down provided).

Step 8 The bottom of the order entry screen will contain a check box indicating you agree to SEKO’s Terms and Conditions (hyperlink provided to view). Users should only have to check this box once per login. Once selected, click “ Submit .”

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 10

BOOKING A U.S. EXPORT SHIPMENT Booking a U.S. export shipment is identical to booking an International shipment but with some additional fields related to the Automated Export System (AES) . When creating a U.S. export shipment the user will have to select either SEKO or themselves as the filer for the Electronic Export Information ( EEI ). If SELF is selected the user will need to provide an Internal Transaction Number ( ITN ) or select an Exemption Citation from the drop down menu.

To identify the order as an International Traffic in Arms Regulations ( ITAR ) order, check the ITAR box.

If the user designates SEKO as the U.S. agent to file the EEI they will need to specify whether the order is Transactions Related or a Routed Transaction . In addition, an Ultimate Consignee Type will have to be specified from the drop down menu. Choices for Ultimate Consignee Type include Direct Consumer, Government Entity , Other / Unknown , or Reseller .

A Shippers Letter of Instruction ( SLI ) can be uploaded using the browse icon and selecting upload.




MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 11

The table below will then need to be completed prior to submitting the shipment. As many line items as desired can be added by using the drop down menu before selecting add. The unit of weight may be designated as KG or LB . If there is a Power of Attorney on file the user can check the box above the table. The user may now verify if there is a Power of Attorney on F ile as well as autocompleting the HTS / Schedule B information below by checking each box.



To manually enter in the Import / Export information, first select the trade as Domestic or Foreign , then enter in the code and specify the code as Schedule B or HTS . Then enter in the quantity, shipping weight, and the Export Control Classification Number ECCN / EAR99 Code . A description of the goods may be entered as well.

The license type and if there is an exemption may both be selected from the drop down menus.

All of the DDTC Details may be entered if applicable as well as an export value added. With the exception of the registration number all of this information will be available from the drop down menus.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 12

Lastly, for ITAR orders the user is required to check both boxes and specify a country, name, and license number.

To finish booking the order simply agree to SEKO’s Terms and Conditions and select “ Submit ”


MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 13


Enter details on New Entry Page and click Save As Template when all details are included.

Enter Description title and click Save

Template ready for use on future shipments and will populate all information.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 14


Please contact the SEKO Helpdesk to add/upload addresses, SEKO will then upload your addresses for you


Please contact SEKO Helpdesk for a Parts Catalog Template , SEKO will then upload your parts for you



MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 15

SHIPMENT TRACKING There are three ways for users to track shipments: 1) Shipment Calendar



2) Shipment Grid 3) Global Search


Option One - Shipment Calendar Access the Shipment Calendar by clicking on the tile provided on the MySEKO Harmony homepage . Depending on each user’s level of access ( Domestic and/or International ) the available calendars will appear. Example: if a user is setup ONLY as a Domesti c user, they will only see a Domestic Shipment Calendar .

Users can modify the calendar display by selecting from drop-downs provided on the left-hand side of the page. Options to adjust “ View By ” date, “ Display As ” format and “ Color ” schematic are available with drop-

down options (highlighted above, left). The upper-right hand side of the page controls the calendar display by Month , Week or Day . The calendar will reflect any changes made to these settings. Hovering a mouse over any particular shipment will cause a window to appear with some basic shipment details, notably the shipment Status and Tracking Number .




MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 16

All shipments that are visible on the Shipment Calendar are hyperlinked; clicking one of the hyperlinked shipments, a new window will appear, titled “ North American / International Order Tracker. ” This will contain all of the order details, including POD Details, Status, Details (line item, outer/inner package details), Documents , Financial, Issue Management , Container details ( INTL only ), Customs ( INTL only ), Purchase Order Information (if user is setup on SEKO PO Management – contact your local SEKO Sales Representative for more information), GPS Tracking (if applicable) and Tradeshow details (if applicable). Simply click on the Tab headers to the right-hand side of the shipment header information to toggle between them.

Users can send Shipment Details to external parties by clicking on the envelope icon on the left-hand side of the North American Order Tracker page . Key in the e-mail addresses included (separate each e-mail address with a semi-colon or a comma). Users may modify the subject line if inclined; otherwise, the default Subject line will indicate that this is a Notification regarding the Order Status of a shipment number (below). Include a Bill of Lading to the e-mail by checking the box provided. Select “ Send ” to complete the e-mail.

Lastly, users may Export the Shipment Calendar into alternative document types, including XLS , CSV , RTF , XLSX . Select a file type on the upper right- hand side of the page and select “ Export ” to complete.

Option Two - Shipment Grid The Shipment Grid offers a more detailed view of all Shipment Details . Menu options listing shipment types are located at the top of the page (highlighted below). Selecting between shipment types will filter the table below (i.e. Domestic , International , Tradeshow , etc.). Search within the table by modifying the Begin and End Date to limit shipment results. Customizing the Shipment Grid can be done by dragging and dropping column headers to modify the order of information displayed, or by selecting the “ Customize ” button located on the lower left-hand side of the page.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 17

Users may also Export the Shipment Grid by selecting a file type and clicking on the “ Export ” button provided.

All columns on the Shipment Grid are searchable. The example to thr right shows a user searching for all AIR shipments entered into MySEKO Harmony over the past 15 days:

The beauty of this table is that users may apply as many searches/filters that they wish and export the table, thus creating an ad-hoc report. The Shipment Grid is hyperlinked. Double-clicking on a shipment Number will open up a new window containing all Live Order Tracking details for that shipment.

Icons located in the “ Actions ” column on the Shipment Grid are shortcuts: - Truck icon: Select to create a Return - Stamp icon: Select to Clone a shipment - Documents icon: Click to access all Documents on that shipment - GPS icon: Click to view mapped Geoview of satellite shipment location data

- Envelope icon: Select to e-mail/share order tracking and details.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 18

Option Three - Global Search The Global Search functionality in MySEKO Harmony allows for users to search for any search term or Reference listed on a shipment/order. Users may be as specific or non-specific as they choose, depending upon the search being attempted. Consider this a “ Google Search ” for your supply chain. The number of results pulled as a result of the search will be shown on the left-hand side of the page, along with the amount of time it took for the site to pull those results. Keep in mind, the broader the search, the more results are going to pull. All Search Results will be hyperlinked. Clicking on a search result will pull the Live Order Tracking Information for that order.


MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 19

QUOTING Users may View Domestic Quotes and Request International Quotes through the Quoting feature in MySEKO Harmony . Access Quoting by clicking into the tile provided on the MySEKO Harmony homepage.

Users will arrive at a Quote Summary screen, wherein they may toggle between Quotes , Open quotes , Converted quotes (quotes that have been converted to shipments) and any Expired quotes.

To Create a Quote , select the “ New Entry ” tab located on the upper left-hand side of the page. The user will arrive at the Order Console page. Select “ Create ” under Customer Account Information to begin.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 20

Select Shipper and Consignee details from the Address Book or simply manually enter the Shipper and Consignee details.

To the right, full lists of available Service Levels and Accessorial Services will be listed with available check boxes (not all options captured in image below). If generating a quote to view cost variances by Service Level , check as many Service Levels that apply for this Quote . Note: The results that appear will depend on the tariff that has been uploaded into our internal operating system. Should your tariff not include a particular Service Level , rates will not pull.

Enter Pieces Detail Entry . Should there be one unit shipping with multiple pieces/line items, change the “ Ship As Pieces ” to one. Otherwise, enter as many line items and pieces as you need for the Quote . Total Pieces , Weight and Volume will calculate above the grid based upon the entries made below in the table.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 21

Include any additional information related to the Quote in the space provided. Indicate contact personnel, if required.

Agree to SEKO’s Terms and Conditions by checking the box provided and select “ Get Rates .”

A rate summary page will appear showing all rates for each Service Level selected on the previous page. This will contain all base charges and surcharges for each Service Level . Convert the quote to a shipment by clicking the button “ Convert to Shipment ” for that service level and pricing.

If a user is not ready to commit to a booking, options to go back and “ Edit ” the quote or “ Save ” the quote and come back to it later are available at the top of the webpage.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 22


The Management Dashboard graphically displays real-time key performance metrics for MySEKO Harmony users. Click on the Management Dashboard tile from the homepage to access.

Users with access to booking/tracking Domestic and International shipments will have access to four dashboards: two Domestic and two International . Should a user be setup with only Domestic or only International access, they will only see dashboards for the appropriate shipment type.

Domestic Dashboards include: - Return Shipments by Month - Shipments by Service Level

International Dashboards include: - On-time Delivery Performance - Shipments by Trade Zone Origin - Shipments by Trade Zone Destination - Lane Analysis

- Shipments by Status - Shipments by Region - Shipments by Carrier - Shipments by State


MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 23

These Dashboards are equipped with options to Zoom , Print or Save/Export .

Select the Zoom icon to make modifications to how far back the data is pulling from the SEKO database. Users will see a more detailed overview of the graphic and will be provided with a drop-down to toggle the view between the Last 30 Days , 3 months , 6 months , Last Year , 2014 or 2013 . Changes will reflect in real-time on the graphic.

To export, select a file type from the drop down provided and select the “ Save ” icon. The graphic will download and appear in the specified file type.


MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 24

REPORTING Report generation and Report Subscriptions can be managed from the Reporting module. Click on the tile titled “ Reports ” from the MySEKO Harmony homepage to access all reports available to your username.

Users setup to book/track both Domestic and International shipments will have access to all of the reports pictured below. The color schematic for each report indicates the report type:


 Consolidated Reports . These pull from BOTH Domestic and International systems, providing the user with a consolidated view of all shipping information, regardless of the type.


North American (Domestic) Reports


International Reports

To run a Report in real-time, simply click on the report. Most reports will have the user identify a Start Date and an End Date , as well as a file type. Should a user wish to e-mail the report in real- time as an attachment, simply enter e-mail addresses in the space provided and separate each e- mail address with a semi-colon (;). Click “ Process Report ” and the report will generate (it will also send the report in an e-mail as an attachment if the user has included e-mail addresses in the space provided).

Report Subscriptions can be created by users to electronically receive reports directly to their inbox based on a subscription schedule created by themselves. To Create a Report Subscription , click on a report and select “ Create Subscription ” (pictured above). Create a Subscription Schedule on the next page that appears.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 25

Step 1: Create a Subscription Schedule - Indicate the report occurrence by selecting between Day, Week or Month - Identify the time of day in which the user would want the report trigger to occur - Choose a Beginning Date (this will default to the day in which the user is creating the Report Subscription - users are welcome to change) and an End Date. End Date can be determined by indicating a number of occurrences the user would like the report to run, or by providing the system an End Date

Step 2: Select Your Parameters - The user will determine whether the report should run for a previous number of days, for the previous calendar week or specifically between two dates.

Step 3: Select Your Report Delivery Options - Tell the system who the report should be sent to. Enter e-mail addresses in the space provided (remember to separate each e-mail address with a semi-colon [;] and a space). - Indicate the format of the report by selecting from the drop- down provided (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.). - Click “ Save Subscription ” to complete the subscription creation process. The user will be brought to the “ Tools ” tab of the Report Center . This will list all Report Subscriptions created by the user. The user may Run any of these subscriptions in real-time, select to Edit the subscription if any modifications need to be made, or simply Delete any of the Report Subscriptions , if required.

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 26


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the 24/7 SEKO Help Desk at . We appreciate your partnership.

SEKO Help Desk

MySEKO Harmony • User Guide • Page 27

ABOUT SEKO LOGISTICS We provide a suite of logistics services which enable you to use your supply chain as a competitive differentiator. As a customer centric organization, we are powered by the expertise of our people andour in-house developed, best in class, customizable technology. It is this combination which gives SEKO its strength. With over 120 offices in 40 countries worldwide, SEKO’s unique shareholder management model enables you to benefit from our specific industry sector expertise, coupled with vital in- country knowledge and unparalleled service at the local level. This unique model provides you with: • Hands-on service and support • Personal relationships

Offices worldwide




• Creative, customized solutions • Responsiveness and reliability • Flexibility and consistency


We have a flat management structure, with just three layers between you and the CEO, making us ‘fast on our feet’ in delivering solutions that can meet your exact requirements. This lean and nimble structure increases our decision-making speed and gives us an ability to implement customized solutions which far exceed those of our competitors.


AMERICAS: SEKO Logistics, 1100 Arlington Heights Road, Suite 600, Itasca, IL 60143, USA Email: hello @ Tel: +1 630 919 4800 US Toll Free 1 800 228 2711 EMEA: SEKO Logistics, Birch House, Fairfield Avenue, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4AB, United Kingdom Email: hello @ Tel: +44 (0)1784 417120 ASPAC: SEKO Logistics, Unit 3007 Skyline Tower, 39 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong Email: hello @ Tel: +852 3195 3195 ANZ: SEKO Logistics, 11 Bumborah Point Road, Port Botany, NSW 2036, Australia Email: hello @ Tel: +61 2 9669 4222

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