RV_910092_Dual Top ST 6 Diesel Data Sheet

Dual Top ST 6 Diesel Combined Air and Water Heater for RV’s

Now Available 2021

“Jupiter“ by Nomad Vanz

Dual Top ST 6 Generation Benefits:

n Energy efficient n Standard 2-year warranty

n Complete solution for warm air and hot water n Space saving design, can be installed inside or outside the vehicle n Operates while driving or parked n Frost protection mode n Quiet operation provides low noise and fuel consumption n Efficient performance up to 7,200 feet

Integrated Heating Solution The New Dual Top ST 6 Diesel with upgraded stainless steel boiler provides heating and hot water. This unique system draws diesel fuel from the vehicles fuel supply tank eliminating the need for an additional fuel source. Space saving & compact this system has been engineered to allow for interior or exterior installation.

Dual Top ST 6 Diesel integrated 20,500 Btu/hr (6 kW) heater ensures heating comfort through out the vehicle. This sophisticated technology allows for rapid heating while using a minimum of energy.

The frost protection mode enables the user to park the vehicle for a short time without having to worry about frost and frost damage to the heater.

Technical specifications:

Control panels:

More functions, simple and accessible: The easy-to-operate standard control panel allows you to select air or water heating, or a combination of both. The user can also select a frost protection mode and an auto drain mode.

Dual Top ST 6 Diesel

Part Number


Heating power

5,120 – 20,470 Btu/hr (1.5 – 6.0 kW)



Fuel consumption

.05 – 0.17 gal/hr (0.19 – 0.66 l/hr)

12 V

Rated voltage

Standard control panel

Operating voltage range

9.0 – 15.0 V

Rated power consumption

15.0 – 65.0 W

The digital control panel adds a modern look providing easy navigation and comfort at any time.

Boiler capacity

2.58 gal (9.8 l )

Air flow

135.37 cfm (230 m 3 /h)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

21 x 13.9 x 10 in (530 x 352 x 256 mm )


50.7 lbs (23 kg)

Digital control panel

Installation example:

The Webasto Dual Top ST 6 was especially developed to be installed inside or outside the vehicle.

Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc. 15083 North Road Fenton, Michigan 48430 USA Toll Free: 800-860-7866 Phone: 810-593-6000 webasto.com

All Webasto Fuel Operated Heaters are designed for use at elevations not to exceed the maximum recommended operational elevation, which varies by product and model. Please consult your operation manual to determine the maximum operational elevation for your specific product and model. Use of any Webasto Fuel Operated Heater at elevations higher than those recommended may lead to reduced performance and may require increased service and maintenance.

7,200 ft. Dual Top ST 6

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