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ARE YOU EXPERIENCING LOWER BACK PAIN? Chances Are, It May Be Caused By Another Issue

This is also why pain in your lower back may occur as a result. Your back muscles are working in overdrive and may be constricting to try and hold you up. If you notice neck and back pain at the same time as one another, try sitting up straighter – it should help ease some of the stress! IS YOUR NECK THE CULPRIT? The most common combination of pain is in the neck and the back. If you are experiencing both, it is most likely stemming from the neck. We don’t typically think about it, but we use our necks for a lot of our daily activities. Even simple things, such as turning to grab something out of the cupboard or looking over your shoulder when backing out of a driveway, use a lot of neck muscles. When you do simple tasks such as these, do you find yourself turning your entire body, as opposed to just your head? If so, you could experience back pain along with your neck pain. Whenyouhave limitedmotion inyourneck,yourbodycompensatesby twisting more than it usually would, thus over-rotating your lower back. This could cause a source of pain or general discomfort in the area, due to abnormal overuse. If you are experiencing neck pain, back pain, or a combination of both, our physical therapists would be more than happy to meet with you for a consultation to discuss how they can help. Call us today to talk to an expert about how we can relieve your aches and pains!

Your spine is a complex part of your body – it requires proper posture, flexibility, coordination, and strength, in order to do its job correctly. When one of these elements is altered, your spine can emit painful responses that can settle in other nearby parts of the body. According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 80% of adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is actually the most commonly reported location of pain across the globe. But how often is the source actually another part of your body? PAIN IS USUALLY CONNECTED: Your spine is a lengthy structure, and pain can travel along it. Let’s say you are prone to neck pain – perhaps you have a slouched posture from sitting at a desk all day and the pressure radiates in your shoulders. Or, maybe you’ve had a previous injury, such as whiplash, that still elicits painful stings every now and then. Now, let’s say you begin feeling pain in your lower back in addition to your neck pain. Why does this happen? Basically, the pains are connected to each other. Your head weighs about 10-12 pounds, which is roughly the weight of a bowling ball. When you slouch, or compensate pain by realigning your body, your back muscles have to work extra hard to keep you from toppling forward. Have you ever been so tired that your head begins to bob and it jolts you awake? That’s because your head is heavy!The weight from the motion wakes you back up because your body isn’t used to carrying it in that way.


It can sometimes to be difficult to determine if your back pain is rooted in your neck. This simple, at-home test can assist you in figuring it out: 1. Stand straight in front of another person. They will be your eyes regarding the movements you make. 2. Once they are watching you, turn your head as far as you comfortably can to the left. Repeat the same motion to the right. Have them take note of how far you are able to go. 3. Now, sit down in front of the same person. Repeat the same turning motions from a chair or couch. Again, have them take note of how far you are able to comfortably turn your head. 4. Ask if there were any differences in the turning movement. Did one side seem to turn further than the other? Was there a difference in standing vs. sitting? This test is helpful in finding out if your neck is causing (or is at risk of causing) pain in your lower back. If your movement is limited, especially sitting down, it means that the muscles in your back or upper back are tight. These constricted motions can cause pain in the lower back. HOW CAN PHYSICAL THERAPY HELP ME? Physical therapy is the leading recommendation for back pain. Physical therapists are trained to evaluate muscle and joint movement, and they can easily assist you in finding the root of your problem. They will thoroughly evaluate you to figure out why you are experiencing pain, determining the

source and treating all affected areas. After your initial consultation, they wil create a specialized treatment plan for you, based on their diagnosis of you specific needs. A physical therapist’s end goal is the same as yours – to ge you feeling better, healthier, and more comfortable! If you are experiencin lower back pain and think it may be caused by an issue occurring in you neck, give us a call today. We’ll get you moving comfortably again in no time

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Patient Success Spotlight


“I’m quite glad I chose Bridle Trails.”

5 “I came to Bridle Trails PT in April after my third knee surgery. I had the initial consultation with Cole, who was very professional and asked a lot of questions regarding how my knee was prior to my surgery.Then I had my appointments with Paul, who put up with a lot I must say. I explained that I had my meniscus fixed and explained that my last 2 surgeries were to fix torn cartilage, which were over 20 years ago. I also explained that after the 2nd one I had no more than 94-96% mobility in my knee and was in constant pain. My goal for rehab was to get back to hiking/walking with my dog and to be functional. So Paul and I decided to be aggressive with the rehab. Over the course of the last few months, Paul really got my knee the best its been in over 20 years. My knee has roughly 117% mobility (almost identical to my other knee). I can walk between 3-5 miles a day and hike and do functional daily activities without much pain. My knee will always need maintenanceexercises, whichPaulsetup throughout the last fewmonthsmaking it easy to do without special equipment. Without Paul’s constant pushing my knee to its limit early, I don’t think I would have the range I currently do. I’m quite glad I chose Bridle Trails, and the entire office was helpful and made the experience fun even through the pain.” - J.A. 4 5 2 7 2 3 8 6 4 2 1 7 9 5 7 3 2 1 5 8 4

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4 It’s time to get Bridle Trails Physical Therapy if: • You’re tired of living in pain • You want to feel better and move better • You have been in an auto accident or injured on the job • You want to prevent injury 1. Call and talk to a therapist 2. Discover why your pain has come back 3. Get your custom recovery program 7 1 6 8 1 9 8 5 3 4 9 1 4 9 2 At Bridle Trails Physical Therapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions.

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Sudoku Puzzle

9 Exercise Essential Try this movement to relieve back pain.

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1 6 PRAYER STRETCH While in a crawl position, slowly lower your buttocks towards your feet until a stretch is felt along your back and or buttocks. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat as needed. 2 8 9


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