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Naples Community Hospital Named a Best Regional Hospital By Kelly Merritt

The year 2012 has been a banner one for Naples Community Hospi- tal: U.S. News & World Report , one of the world’s most trusted news organizations, heralded NCH as a “Best Regional Hospital”—one of 247 high-performing hospitals outside major metropolitan areas. The designation was the first for NCH in the report’s nearly

one reason for our county receiving that distinction,” he said. Although being named Best Regional Hospital by U.S. News &World Report is something to sing about, NCH Healthcare System is more than just a hospital. It encompasses two hospitals: NCH Downtown Naples Hospital and NCH North Naples Hospital

two dozen years of rank- ings, which are pub- lished annually. “For the past 10 years, we have worked hard to make ‘quality’ the hallmark of NCH Healthcare System,” said

with a total of 715 patient beds. NCH has an alli- ance of 650 physicians working in multiple med- ical facilities in a variety of locations throughout Collier and other coun- ties throughout South-

NCH President and Chief Execu- tive Officer AllenWeiss, M.D.“Over that time, our community and our county have been designated as one of the ‘healthiest’ in all of Florida.” Along with the overall distinc- tion of Best Regional Hospital, NCH

west Florida. The NCHHealthcare System offers far-reaching services. Beyond inpa- tient hospital services, NCH meets medical, surgical, cardiac, orthope- dic, obstetric, pediatric, rehabilitative, psychiatric, oncology, emergency treatment and diagnostic needs for thousands of patients. The NCH outpatient offerings include rehabilitation, home care, walk-in centers and wound healing, among others. More than 5,000 hospitals fall under the umbrella of hospi- tals that U.S. News evaluates each year in 16 different medical specialties.The exhaustive judging criteria include death rates, patient safety, procedure volume and additional objective data. The analysis also includes physician response to a national survey. In the survey, specialists must name hospitals considered to be the best in their respective areas for cases that are challenging. That infor- mation is also factored into the eventual naming of Best Hospitals. “The confirmation of that level of quality by respected and objec- tive third parties, particularly U.S. News & World Report , helps prove that we must be doing something right,” Dr. Weiss said.

was singled out to receive accolades for orthopedics; geriatrics; gastroenterology and ear, nose and throat.

U.S. News Health Rankings Editor Avery Comarow said that hospitals likeNaplesCommunityHospital offer a high level of medi- cal care to communities that otherwise might have limited options. “All Best Regional Hospitals are what we call ‘high performers’ in at least one medical specialty,” Comarow said. “They are fully capable of providing first-rate care, even to most patients who have serious conditions or need demanding procedures.” Dr. Weiss agreed. He said this recognition, which is awarded by national, independent organizations, is a hallmark of excellence— in physicians, staff, board members and volunteers throughout the NCH Healthcare System. “We’d like to think the high level of care and service we deliver is

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