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MARCH 2018



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At the beginning of every year, I come up with a word that serves as a guiding principle for our team. For 2018, that word is “give.” How are we living that? Of course, we give our all for our clients to ensure that they can live the most fulfilling lives possible. But we’re also focused on giving back to our community and the world at large.

For many years, I’ve volunteered with International Medical Relief. The charity’s mission is to provide quality medical care to people who would otherwise be without. Through my work with the group, I’ve been able to visit remote areas of Argentina, Haiti, Cambodia, Brazil, and India. While all of these trips were life-changing, the one to Cambodia was truly inspiring. In the 1970s, when the Khmer Rouge ruled over Cambodia, most Cambodians were evacuated from the area surrounding the Gulf of Thailand. Eventually, as the brutal regime’s strength weakened, people were allowed to resettle the area. These people were left to fend for themselves and receive nothing in terms of government support, including access to health care. International Medical Relief has done outreach work for many years there, and it was inspiring to see the resolve of the residents to survive and prosper. After traveling to various locations, I’ve come to realize that people want the same things no matter where they come from. They want to provide a better life for future generations and hope to leave the world a little better than they found it. Human connections aren’t bound by

language, politics, or geography. We’re all people, and we can all benefit from helping each other. I’m not the only member of the Retirement Planning Strategies team who gives back. Trace, our new business specialist, devotes a lot of time to lending a hand at local homeless shelters. Ashley, one of our advisors, finds her spark working with animals. Whenever a team member has a worthy cause to support, we do whatever we can to pitch in. The same goes for causes near-and-dear to the hearts of our clients. If there’s a cause you feel passionate about, whether it be a local food bank or an international organization, we want to know about it. Tell us your favorite charity and how we can help. One person may be able to do a little, but seven or eight of us together can achieve a whole lot more. As we prepare for spring, we look forward to discovering new ways to give back to our community. Help us plant the seeds of giving just in time for the spring blooming season. There’s nothing more rewarding than contributing to a worthy cause.

–Ann Vanderslice | 1

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