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My Favorite Holiday: Christmas Creating a Family Tradition

The holiday season is a perfect time to think about your loved ones. Christmas,

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or any celebration you enjoy this time of year is about family, reconnecting, and spending plenty of time with the people you care most about. My family always looks forward to coming together for Thanksgiving and Christmas and engaging in a few family traditions. One that I’m excited for this season is baking with my kids. Sometimes, we’ll spend all day just baking traditional holiday cookies and treats from my grandmother’s recipes. Our family cookies are actually quite unique. While some of the cookies we bake are from conventional means, the most popular cookie batches are made using a particular type of machine, basically an old-fashioned cookie press. It’s been in my family for ages — it must be about 100 years old — and makes the best tasting cookies; people are always asking us for our cookie recipe. I tell them that they can have it but the cookies they make aren’t going

to taste the same unless they have this device, which I don’t think anyone makes anymore.

When my eldest daughter was old enough to read, “Santa” stopped putting her presents under the tree. Instead, he started leaving clues and riddles she had to solve and follow all over the house and sometimes outside, depending on the weather. She would follow the clues until they reached the end of the scavenger hunt where she’d find a big present waiting for her. Once my son was old enough to read, I started doing the same thing for him. Today, my daughter is 20, andmy son isn’t too far behind, but we still practice this family tradition. It’s a fun activity all of us still get a kick out of, and it’s also extending to other parts of the family. Whenmy niece’s son started to read, she sent him on a scavenger hunt. Even though I started this tradition to entertainmy kids for a bit, it’s already being picked up by other people, and, once my kids are off living their lives, I hope they’ll continue the tradition withmy grandkids someday. My family has a lot of traditions, some unique and some very much like anyone else’s. For us, these traditions are important and make our family unique. Building them together is what really makes the holidays so special.

Typically, our cookie making lasts all through the holiday season, but, when Christmas comes around, we go all out. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and one of the best times to spend with family. Something I find a bit disheartening on Christmas is when kids tear into their presents the second after waking up— I’ve always wanted it to last a bit longer. So, I came up with a special way for my family to celebrate.

Taking Care of All Your Estate Planning Needs At Thomas-Walters Estate Planning, we always say that the greatest gift you can give your family is to ensure they have an estate plan they can rely on. Whether you’re keen on creating a plan before the year ends or are making it your goal to get started on a plan in the new year, now is the perfect time to put one together. If you know someone in your family or have a friend who doesn’t have an estate plan in place, our team will be more than happy to sit down with them. Take care of your loved ones this holiday season by giving them an opportunity to take care of their estate today.

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