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be approved by the FDA. In fact, only 11 ingredients are banned from cosmetics in the U.S. Across the ocean, the list grows exponentially — Europe has 1,328 ingredients banned from theirs. In this Wild West state of beauty products, the responsibility for finding out what’s in your makeup is up to one person: you. Before you trash your makeup bag or move to Great Britain, check out the list below to learn what ingredients to look out for and how to avoid them. Know which ingredients are cause for alarm. While the health effects of many ingredients remain mysterious, a few commonly used ones have been linked to serious diseases. Parabens and phthalates, for example, are found in a wide array of products, from foundation to hair spray, but are now considered “endocrine disrupting chemicals” by researchers and may be linked to diabetes and hormone-related cancers. While the FDA hasn’t taken action because of a lack of information, doctors and researchers are concerned, which is reason enough to avoid products containing these chemicals.

Don’t Put Up With a Toxic Relationship

3 Ways to Break Up With Harmful Beauty Products

Beauty products can make us feel just that — beautiful. A swipe of mascara, a touch of blush, and a dab of lipstick are all you need to accentuate your favorite features. But if you’re not looking carefully at what’s in those products, you may want to look again. Your skin is your biggest organ — it’s vulnerable to whatever you put on it, but many people don’t pay enough attention to what they expose their skin to. In a recent interview, the “Today” show unveiled that beauty and skin care products do not have to

3 BACK-TO-SCHOOL TIPS for Single Parents

in this digital age, there are apps and tools designed to give divorced individuals a formal, structured means of relaying important information. Something as simple as a shared online calendar, complete with bedtimes, homework hours, sporting events, and other important school functions, can keep both of you on the same page and provide your child with an invaluable sense of stability. When splitting custody, time with your child can seem all the more precious. At the same time, you want them to succeed in school, which means dedicating at least some of that valuable time to their studies, especially when you have a high schooler. If they are comfortable with it, getting involved with your child’s education directly can help strike a happy medium. No, you shouldn’t write their papers or solve their math problems for them (no matter how much they’d like that), but you can help them make flashcards, science projects, and essay plans. You both get to spend time together, your child picks up good study habits, and you might learn something along the way! Combine Study Time With ‘Us Time’

Those of us with kids are gearing up for another great school year! The excitement of our children to make new friends and meet new teachers can be contagious. But if you have recently separated from your spouse, starting the school year off right can seem daunting. Here are our tips to make the transition smoother for you and your children. You always want to ensure your child’s school has both your contact information and your former spouse’s in the case of an emergency. But looping teachers into your child’s living situation can also give you a valuable ally. Teachers are often vital pillars of support in their students’ lives — they can keep an eye on your child’s emotional state during the divorce process. Reach Out to Teachers

Stick to a Schedule

In cases of shared custody, it is vital that your child be able to keep the same routine regardless of whose house they are staying at. This requires a fair amount of coordination and communication with your former spouse, which can be extremely difficult. Thankfully,

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