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It was the summer of 1981. I was going into my junior year of high school when one event changed the course of my life forever. I grew up in Edgemere, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Edgemere was a relatively quiet town, a suburb with rows of homes and plenty of yards for the neighborhood kids to run around in. It was a slice of Americana. We had a pretty typical family. Dad worked, andMom stayed at home before getting a part-time job—probably to save her sanity while raising three kids. My older brother and sister were getting ready to head off to college at the time. My dad had been in the military, so we traveled a lot growing up. He met my momwhile stationed in Germany. But by 1981, things had settled down. Dad had already retired from the military after 20 years

pumped to see it. Two hours later, we got back home, excited to tell Dad all about the movie we had just watched. But as we pulled up to the house, we noticed all the lights were off. It was getting dark out, so we found that to be very odd. We got out of the car and looked for Dad, running through the house. He

was nowhere to be found inside, so we looked out back. There, we found him collapsed in the yard, where he had passed out while mowing. The neighbors heard the commotion and ran out to see what had happened. One neighbor gave my dad CPR and performed

and left the service withmany job offers on the table. Since he joined the military right out of high school, Dad hadn’t pursued higher education beyond some time spent at a community college. My momwas very much the same way. She attended a community college, but that was the extent of her higher education. Despite not having the right opportunity to finish their schooling, they instilled the importance of education in their children. One Friday afternoon that summer, our family had plans to go to dinner and a movie. It was going to be all five of us,

chest compressions until the paramedics arrived. When the paramedics showed up, they worked on him for the next hour, trying their hardest to revive him. But there was nothing they could do, he suffered a major heart attack and passed away that night. In the following days, weeks, and months, I learned my parents didn’t have a plan for the future. My dad had been the breadwinner in the family. While my mom had a part-time job as a travel agent, it only supplemented their income.

but Dad read in the paper that it was going to rain all weekend. He took a look at the lawn and decided he wanted to mow it before the rain rolled in. My brother and I weren’t ones to argue with Dad. If he didn’t mow today, one of us would have to do it later. So the four of us headed to what was my favorite restaurant at the time, an all-you-can eat seafood place with every fried food you could want, including some incredible hush puppies. After dinner, it was time to see “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”The movie had just come out, and we were

No one told them to look into life insurance or to put money away for retirement. They had investments and no foundation for the years ahead. This made the next 10 years extremely hard for my mom. And the truth is our family is far from alone. Every day, someone’s family member passes away with no financial plan in place, and it can be devastating. Continued on Page 3 ...

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Why Tai Chi Is Right For You!

Better Balance With the Internal Martial Art in recent years, even campaigning to make it an Olympic event. In an interview, Li explained his push to make tai chi a more widely recognized and accepted exercise: “In our attempts to push ourselves, we’ve lost sight of an important part of the sporting mindset: balance.” For anyone setting out on a mission to age gracefully, tai chi can help reduce your risk of falling with its focus on posture. An ounce of preventive tai chi may be worth a pound of cure; the Center for Disease Control reports that people pay an average of $35,000 in health care costs every time they fall. Many community centers and health and wellness facilities offer opportunities to learn tai chi, from free community classes to entire tai chi facilities. Go see for yourself why this is the martial art everyone should practice.

Free publicWi-Fi hot spots are everywhere. You may have hopped on a publicWi-Fi network at an airport, hotel, school, restaurant, or café. These networks are incredibly convenient when you need to check your email, browse the latest headlines, or do a little out-of-office work without using your data. They’re especially useful when you’re out of network or traveling abroad. The question is this: Do you know how secure your devices are? In some cases, free and accessible networks allow other people to see what is on your device. In other cases, people set up fraudulent hot spots near legitimate ones in order to snoop and steal data. Just about anyone with the proper know-how can quickly identify what type of device you are using, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and what the device is named, like “Alex’s iPad.” When a snooper wants further information, it doesn’t take much effort. If you have any publicly accessible files, like shared documents, music, or photos, all of this can be easily found and viewed. If the snooper wants even more information, all they need is a special program or app for stealing data —which they likely have. Snoopers may use software to gather information on the websites you are visiting, your email, and instant messages you send and receive, along with When you think about martial arts, a few images come to mind: Mr. Miyagi, possibly nunchucks, and people breaking objects using impressive disciplined strength. But one of the most powerful martial arts you may not immediately picture is tai chi. This ancient Chinese form of combat in slow motion is an internal martial art that works from the inside out by developing the body’s internal energy, known as qi, or “chi.” In Chinese medicine, balanced qi is essential to good health. Hundreds of studies demonstrate the mental and physical benefits this quiet martial art provides. Because of its focus on posture, tai chi is particularly helpful for balance. In Harvard’s analysis of 20 different studies, tai chi was shown to improve cognitive function and slow the progression of dementia more than other forms of exercise. While the movements appear mild, the practice of tai chi requires discipline and strength. That’s part of the reason why it provides a powerful punch of health benefits and also why less than 5 percent of people stick with it. Some teachers say it takes three years to learn the basic movements of tai chi — and more than a lifetime to master. Physical training, combined with the internal meditative aspect of tai chi, are the reasons martial arts legend Jet Li has turned to the exercise

HOW SECURE ARE YOUR DEVICES? Protect Yourself When Using Public Wi-Fi

usernames and passwords. It’s not as simple as screen-sharing. Snoopers will only see packets of code and other similar information, but software can help piece this information together to decipher what you are looking at. They can also grab data quickly and splice it together at a later date. How can you best protect yourself, your data, and your devices? First, only connect to networks you trust. Avoid connecting to publicly accessibleWi-Fi, if possible. If you need to use it, make sure theWi-Fi network is secured in some way, such as requiring a password (many hotels take this step). You should be able to get the network name and password from the provider of theWi-Fi hot spot. Second, if you notice two similar networks when you try to connect, alert the owner of the legitimate network, such as an employee of the coffee shop providing theWi-Fi, and confirm the network’s legitimacy before you connect. If you can’t verify a network, it’s best to play it safe and simply not connect. PublicWi-Fi is more common than ever, making it harder to ensure you are connecting to a legitimate and secure signal. Taking these steps to secure your devices and your data are always worth it. You never want to risk strangers getting hold of any information you may have on those devices.

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Why Seniors Are Flocking to Home-Sharing Platforms


The freedom of retirement certainly comes with its perks, but challenges of post-work living exist as well. Chief among them, for most elderly

But home-sharing can do more than boost your income. By opening a room in your home to travelers, you’ll encounter all kinds of people you might never otherwise meet, prompting dynamic social interactions and meaningful connections. The rating systems on Airbnb and similar platforms almost entirely prevent would-be troublemakers from entering your property, and users report that when a rare negative experience does occur, the company typically has your back. It’s a great way to stay socially engaged while staving off loneliness. Best of all, running a modestly successful Airbnb usually doesn’t take much work. It simply requires you to set up a neat, welcoming space, keep in contact with your guests, and ensure the check-in and check-out processes are as straightforward as possible. In fact, senior hosts seem to have a leg up on their younger counterparts, as elderly hosts earn the most consistently positive ratings across the globe. Airbnb and The Freebird Club won’t make you rich, but they’re relatively low effort enterprises that come with some massive benefits. If you’re looking for a little busywork, some extra cash, and a little social interaction in your retirement, hosting may be your best bet! Upcoming Events

folks, are fears of social isolation and financial insolvency, as having coworkers and a regular income are not as

common in retirement. Perhaps this is why so many retirees are flocking to home-sharing platforms like Airbnb or its seniors-only cousin, The Freebird Club. Airbnb reported last year that the 60-plus age bracket is its fastest- growing demographic worldwide, with the number of senior hosts as much as doubling every year. Home-sharing platforms can be a tremendous boon to a tight retirement budget. It’s an especially attractive option to elderly folks who find themselves rich in assets but struggling with liquid finances. Home-sharing allows them to tap into these resources. According to Priceonomics, U.S. Airbnb hosts bring in a monthly average of $924.

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The passing of my dad set me on the path to where I am today. Education became my priority. I learned and prepared for the future, from establishing my own financial firm to helping others plan for their futures and that of their families. Since that day in 1981, the planning process has come to mean so much to me. That’s why we take our clients through it and the reason we do it again and again, as needed. You don’t just plan once because things are always inmotion, and you must take charge. Financial planning and advice helps you make better decisions and avoid life’s obstacles. It gives you what you need should the unexpected happen. And as we all know, the unexpected happens every single day. If you have any questions or concerns about your financial plan, we’re always here to answer them and to help. We’ll talk it through and help you figure out your plan for what’s yet to come—expected and unexpected.

567 Taxes in Retirement Centerville Regional Library June 12, 1:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. Critical Considerations in Your 60s, 70s, and 80s Greenspring Retirement Community June 20, 1 p.m.

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The Summer of ’81 Why You Need to AddThis Exercise for Better Balance Do You Use Public Wi-Fi? It’s Time to Stop Why Seniors Are Flocking to Home- Sharing Platforms Upcoming Events Exploring the River of No Return



Journey Down a River of No Return THE UNSPOILED BEAUTY OF CENTRAL IDAHO Securities offered only by duly registered individuals through Madison Avenue Securities, LLC (MAS), member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through Campbell Wealth Management, LLC (CWM), a Registered Investment Advisor. MAS and CWM are not affiliated entities.

There’s more to Idaho than potatoes. Sitting square in the center of the Gem State is one of the largest contiguous areas of protected wilderness in the U.S. While the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area may not roll off the tongue as easy as Yellowstone or Yosemite, this 2 million-acre swath of mountains, gorges, and alpine lakes offers something

Rafting Isn't for Me. What Else You Got? If crashing down 300 Class III rapids isn’t your speed, the Frank Church Wilderness has plenty of other ways to enjoy the wild mountain country. There are several lodges that were grandfathered in to the wilderness area, most of which are only accessible by jet boat, light aircraft, or good old-fashioned hiking. Some, like the Middle Fork Lodge, offer five-star accommodations, located conveniently close to one of the area’s many natural hot springs. Those with the right permits will find the rivers and lakes full of fishing opportunities, and the surrounding pine forests are teeming with game. Lodges? I Just Want to Get Away From It All. For those looking for a truly unplugged experience, backpacking to the many campsites scattered throughout the region can be an incredible journey. If you spend a night beside the crystal-clear waters of Langer Lake, hundreds of miles away from any light pollution, you’ll find peace, quiet, and a sky bursting with stars. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a truly untamed part of the United States, Idaho is the hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes.

River of No What, Now? The name of the wilderness may sound a little ominous at first —who wants to travel down a river of no return? —but in truth, it’s a title from times gone by when canoes and small watercraft could travel down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River swiftly but couldn’t fight the current going back up. Today, those same rapids make the Middle Fork a wildly popular whitewater rafting destination, with plenty of local and out-of- state enthusiasts making a return journey every summer.

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