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Sometimes we forget just how small the world really is, and reminders of that truth can be powerful.

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Memory Care of New Braunfels, Westover Hills, and executives within Memory Care America hosted guests from the second-largest health maintenance organization (HMO) in Israel over Labor Day weekend. I organized this event this past spring when I happened to meet an Israeli citizen and banker who expressed his admiration for our work. When he had tallied the number of hours we worked each year — which happens to be all hours of the day, every single day — with our highest cost of residential care, he found that we were charging, at most, $1.40 per hour for care. Nowhere in the U.S. will you find good, wholesome long-term care for that cost. So, the banker connected me with his former military commanding officer, who happened to be the chair for the second-largest HMO in Israel. This for-profit group wanted to create a successful, profitable memory care community while offering great care at costs any family could afford. The opportunity was too big for us to pass up. There is no cure for this terrible, debilitating disease, as many families know, but we can use all our power, expertise, and knowledge to maintain a person’s dignity, help them live an easier life, and make the horror of dementia a little more palatable for their family. But that promise shouldn’t only be for our families in the U.S. Dementia is a global issue that knows no borders, and any time we spend learning from our counterparts for the sake of improving our residents’ lives is time well spent. And our communities offer it. Also, according to this banker, that was something Israel was struggling with, too.

Our Israeli visitors flew 20 hours from Tel Aviv to New York, and then to San Antonio, Texas, this Labor Day weekend to spend a few days with our representatives. We swapped ideas and gave them a tour of Memory Care of New Braunfels and Westover Hills. They were in awe of our community and techniques, including one memorable event in which they saw the way we distributed our medications to residents. The team hosted an authentic Texas BBQ luncheon for our guests, much to their delight and request — the same delicious lunch we serve our residents. Memory Care America COO Linda Carrasco probably put it best when she said, “I think it was a real eye- opener for them to actually be in a community that is 100% dedicated to cognitive disabilities like Alzheimer's and dementia… [We had] aromatherapy in one room with a group of residents, and then in another room, they were actually playing volleyball. You went from one extreme to the other.” I’m proud to say that we also learned a bit too! Israel is one of the more medically advanced countries in the world, and we learned about research being done there on new treatments and care. Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play! Our group shared stories of our various cultures, and the Israeli visitors marveled at the differences from their home

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